Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No 'Jon and Kate' deal for Octo-Mom

Photo: Nadya Suleman and a collection of her children shopping at Target on February 17, 2009.

So much for her own reality show with all of the trimmings.

TLC’s president Eileen O'Neil announced on Tuesday that her network had been considering the family for its own show, but not anymore.

That’s no network subsidized home, no vehicles, no vacations, no free tummy tucks, no free anything.

Wise choice, TLC.

It had been reported that Suleman had signed with Nashville-based agent Wes Yoder, owner of the Christian-based Ambassador agency. Ambassador acted as agents for Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey, the parents of sextuplets. Yoder claims to have brokered licensing arrangement for family photos and explored the possibility of signing her as a client, but says his agency has no plans to sign her to a deal.

Wise choice, Yoder.

And today it was revealed that the three-bedroom home in Whittier that houses the Suleman family is ten months behind in mortgage payments. How did Angela Suleman get a mortgage when she has no job apart from taking care of the first six kids and she lives on some sort of retirement income? The house in Whittier has a $450K mortgage! I’d say that the value of that house is quite underwater, filthy interior notwithstanding.

And of course “media outlet” TMZ has photos of the bipedal superuterus out shopping again today at a MAC makeup counter.

So if some crazy network ever chose to feature this family on a reality show, would you tune in? I have never sat through more than 30 seconds of "Jon and Kate," or the Duggars, or even the McCaugheys back in the day. The answer for me is no.

Notice of Default

TLC not interested in Nadya Suleman—thanks much


Anonymous said...

Ounce, I mean once, I saw the pregnancy photo ops of this Suleman, the crickets started to roar.

I am a male, the thought of spitting out a watermelon makes me sick with fear. Spitting out or carrying six or eight is a death wish. The fertility doctor is a nerd.

THE PICTURES OF her pregnant are beyond comprehension. Suleman was really stupid. Suleman said: "I took a chance." The blasted fertility Doctor took the chance. God, what insanity. Bill Handel, 640 am, Los Angeles, a fertility lawyer says this is completely absurd.

Sadly, this Suleman

IllNDeed said...

This is like watching a train wreck unfold before our eyes. Nothing good can come out of this. Is the Government turning a blind eye to the obvious crimes brought forth by this faux Angelina Jolie? A question I'm sure many Americans would like to know is How can any individual get ten months free lodgings? I am extremely confused by the fact that she was able to finance a home in the first place, but $140k home? Come on, how is this possible? She could write a book titled: 100 Ways To Screw Your Government.

Even though I am shocked by her behavior, I can't think of what punishment would be best for her. Does taking her kids away from the only mother and love they have known sound reasonable? It's too hard to say. It's apparent she's found ways to take care of the first litter, but I'm not sure this second litter will benefit from her multiple fraudulent activities.

I find that each day I turn on my internet, another story has sprung up from Sulemans misdeeds. I think there is much more out there that has not been touched that will come to light about this family, including her mother and father.

Anonymous said...

What is such a tragedy about this is that the kids are going to be the ones who pay the price for their mother's foolishness. No, she shouldn't be receiving public funding when she has shown herself to be so irresponsible, but the that doesn't mean that the kids don't and won't need that assistance. Through no fault of their own, they were put into this situation and will learn how to manipulate the system, thus perpetuating the abuse of it!