Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pending Arrest in the Chandra Levy Murder

~Chandra Levy

She was a pretty 24-year-old who disappeared from her apartment on May 1, 2001.

Chandra Levy’s remains were found in Rock Creek Park a year after her disappearance and the cause of death was ruled a homicide, however no one was ever charged with her murder.

What followed in the wake of her disappearance was the Gary Condit scandal. Condit, a California congressman admitted having an affair with Chandra, but always denied any involvement in Levy’s disappearance or death.

Now, it seems an arrest in the murder case may be imminent.

Police have turned over evidence to the U.S. Attorney’s office seeking an arrest warrant for Ingmar Guandique.

Guandique is currently in prison for assaults on two women in the same park where Chandra’s remains were ultimately found.

It appears Guandique allegedly confessed to Levy’s murder to another inmate back in 2001. Guandique, an illegal Salvadoran immigrant, was interviewed by the U.S. attorney's office in Washington by prosecutors and D.C. detectives.

He has now told investigators that while he had seen Levy in the park on several occasions, he had no part in her death.

Let’s hope for Chandra and her family that justice will finally be served.

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Anonymous said...

Joy! Yet another poster boy for Bush's mistakes. This guy may not have even been in the U.S. had Bush not gave millions of his countrymen a free pass to come on over. When is our government going to care about the legal citizens again?

donchais said...

Anon -

Poster boy for Bush's mistakes?

Ingmar Guandique entered the US in 1999. Bush took office 1/20/01.

Sprocket said...

I was in shock for a moment when I read someone was going to be arrested! I thought for sure this would be one that never got solved.

I followed every tiny revelation in this case, ever since it first broke. I hope they are able to get a conviction against Guandique!

Anonymous said...

I believe the kudos should be going to a group of student, who work on cold cases. They had taken this one on, and mentioned not long ago that they had a suspect.

CaliGirl9 said...

Another prime example of why our borders need to be secured. No finger-pointing, both parties are guilty of dragging their heels on this issue. It's about national security, period.

I sure hope this gives Chandra's family some peace.

Anonymous said...

Have Henry Lee and Linda Kenney-Baden offered their services yet? This should be a good publicity opportunity!!!


Sprocket said...

There's been very little in the press. Guandique has not been arrested yet. I imagine once he's arrested we might hear who his legal team will be.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket: "There has been very little in the press"

It led all local newscasts in the SF Bay Area, Saturday.

History and suspect info. Parent interview.


Sprocket said...

Thank you bearwds!

I guess I should have said, there's been very little in the press leading up to this announcement.

All I could find on the net was the same report through different sources.