Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cindy and George Anthony's lawyer to appear in court today


The hearing has just concluded. I managed find a feed. Unfortunately, there was a problem with both the sound and the video and I wasn't able to hear Bradley Conway's main arguments. I was also unable to get a continuing feed to hear all of the responses by Keith Mitnik, the attorney for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

In fairness to both parties here, I'll just go over the content briefly and give the judge's decision.

The main thrust of the discussion concerning the Anthony's mental condition and their stress levels. Apparently, Conway did not provide medical information as to their fitness to testify at the depositions. Towards the end of the hearing, Mitnik agreed that George, having recently attempted suicide could wait. He stated that Cindy Anthony's deposition was more important and should go on.

In his decision, Judge Rodriguez addressed the admission of media for live broadcast and coverage first. He allowed the media (television, print, etc.) 20 days to go back to their legal departments to have them prepare amicus briefs for the court as to why they should be allowed. He also allowed Conway the same 20 days to prepare medical information concerning how the depositions should be done (allowing for the Anthony's health situations). In addition, the judge ruled out written interrogatories as inappropriate in this situation. So, eventually, the George and Cindy Anthony will have to appear in person.

At that point, Mitnik asked that, if he went out and though about it for an hour, and came back and stated that the Morgan&Morgan premises was private property and he could bar the press from entering, could the judge allow the depositions to go on tomorrow. The judge did not allow for this as he had already stated the media had 20 days to file amicus briefs.

Mitnik then asked if he could schedule new depositions now for a date after the hearings, just in case. The judge allowed for this. This was the one humorous moment in the hearing. Judge Rodriguez directly addressed WFTV reporter Kathi Belich to ask her when sweeps week was! The judge doesn't want there to be any possibility that these depositions could be broadcast live during this particular week!

Yesterday, Bradley Conway, the attorney for Bradley Conway filed a Motion For Protective Order with Judge Jose Rodriguez who is presiding over the civil suit filed by Zenaida-Fernandez Gonzales and counter suit filed by Casey Anthony.

The Anthony's are scheduled to appear at the Morgan law firm tomorrow to give a deposition in the case. According to Conway's motion, the Anthony's were being subject to a circus-like atmosphere since it had been stated that he would invite the media to "watch, video tape and televise the depositions..." In addition, he stated that the motion was "...Intended to annoy, embarrass, oppress and create undo burden on the aforementioned deponents."

To bolster his argument, Conway also cited the fragile emotional condition of George and Cindy. He cites George's recent suicide attempt and the fact that both are seeking professional help in dealing with Caylee's death and the pending charges against Casey.

One item in the motion directly references the effect the deposition could have in the case against Casey Anthony. Conway states, "Mr. Morgan's proclamations create a circus like atmosphere surrounding a legal proceeding that affects not only the lives of the deponents, but may affect the integrity of the criminal case filed by the State of Florida against the Defendant in this case."

Conway also mentions that the Morgan firm could use written interrogatories to spare the Anthony's appearance in person. He also suggests that depositions could be placed under protective order and subsequently be redacted and placed under seal.

Finally, Conway indicates that Casey's attorneys have filed a Motion to Dismiss and is set to be heard in a hearing in May. He recommends that the depositions should be postponed until after that hearing.

What will the judge decide? Stay tuned for an update. As of now, there is no indication as to whether or not the hearing will be live-streamed.

Motion For Protective Order


Anonymous said...

Morgan and Morgan; For the People really means for Morgan and Morgan. What a shameless publicity stunt inviting the press into a deposition.

ritanita said...

Amen, Bill!

Personally, I think that was a cheap trick.

However, if it's legal and the judge says it's okay, we'll have to live with it.

I just posted an update on the hearing. The media does have 20 days to state their case.

Anonymous said...

Casey filed a countersuit? Claiming what? Or it is just to dismiss the ZG suit?

ritanita said...


Yes! Casey filed a counter suit last November.

She responded to all the charges in Zenaida's suit essentially saying she had no knowledge of this Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.

She claims the suit is frivolous and meant to "harass and embarrass the Defendant." She says that she wants to be repaid expenses of the lawsuit.

She claims that "her" Zenaida has 2children and Zenaida has 6. (She also told LE Zenaida had NO children!)

There is mention that the law firm representing Zenaida wants more publicity.

It also says that "The Defendant (Casey) did not fabricate any statements to the police as the Plaintiff alleged in her complaint. She answered direct questions put to her by law enforcement and when shown a picture of the Plaintiff, she was unable to identify her since the Defendant never mentioned the Plaintiff to the police."

Go figure!

There's more. You can read the entire countersuit at

I would enjoy hearing from all of you about the counter suit which was the reason the Morgan&Morgan firm now has the right to depose in this case.

Anonymous said...

Have Geo and Cindy ever stated that yes, they met and knew a ZG, a babysitter/nanny? Or is just from Casey?

donchais said...


Zanny is a figment of Casey's imagination.

Nobody (family or friends) has seen or met her.

Anonymous said...

Anoy - at 6:33am asked: Have Geo and Cindy ever stated that yes, they met and knew a ZG, a babysitter/nanny? Or is just from Casey?

I saw a replay of George's testimony to LE that - per-a versing here - that the last time he saw Casey and Caylee is when they left at 12:30pm (??) so Casey could go to work and drop Caylee off at the Nanny's... babysitter... I think he said too! Soo...... ??


ritanita said...

As far as Cindy is concerned, I'll go back to her infamous interview on July 22 with Greta Van Susteren. When asked if she believes there is a nanny, Cindy replied, "I've never seen God, but I know he's there, OK? I mean..."