Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lee Anthony deposition to be public, Jose Baez files motion to block release of "embarrassing" photos of Casey


February 26, 5:00

As many of you may have heard, Lee Anthony gave his deposition this morning. The Morgan&Morgan law firm will be releasing the video. Until then, here are rough draft transcripts !

Part 1
Part 2

Lee Anthony is scheduled to give his deposition tomorrow morning at 9 AM at the law offices of Morgan & Morgan.

Television cameras will be invited into the downtown courtroom Friday, according to attorney John Morgan.

Morgan said Gonzalez's name was taken in a public forum, so it should not be cleared behind closed doors.

According to Lee's attorney, Thomas Luka, he will not answer questions if media present. The Orlando Sentinel reported that The pair will leave if Keith Mitnik with the Morgan & Morgan law firm allows reporters to attend the interview.

Luka then plans to file a motion to ask the court to keep his client from answering questions in front of the media.

This is going to be one interesting morning! Set your alarm clock!

Orlando Sentinel

Baez files new motion

A hearing has been scheduled for 4:15 Monday, March 2.

In a Motion For Protective Order, Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez asks that the court to issue a protective order preventing the release of ... Casey's Photobucket images he received on February 25.

Baez states that many of the hundreds, if not thousands of pictures are irrelevant to the case and are only being released with the motive of embarrassing or harassing the Defendant, or at the very least, painting the Defendant in a negative light.

I have to wonder if these are the photographs that the FBI agent mentioned to George during their interview.

According to Baez, Law enforcement has already leaked images throughout this case, many of which were taken long before Caylee Marie Anthony went missing. Additionally, many of theso (sic) images have been used for sensationalizing this case and painting the Defendant in a negative way.

The interesting thing about this statement is that Baez accuses LE of "leaking" the photographs. We all know very well that the photographs on her Photobucket account out in the public weren't leaked at all. In the first days of the case, many people downloaded them directly from Casey's Photobucket! It actually took the media a while to catch on. I can remember all the "bombshells" that were dropping on Nancy Grace days after the internet-savvy public were well aware of them.

Baez goes on to request that the State of Florida choose which pictures that will be used in the trial and not release the remainder of "irrelevant" photographs.

At the end of the motion, Baez has attached a picture of the Casey Doll which is dressed in an American flag to demonstrate what can happen if the remainder of the photographs are released.

This should be one very interesting hearing!


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Baez also filed a second motion to try to delay the release of jailhouse video that allegedly shows Casey's reaction the day Caylee's remains were found.

Baez claims the video violates his clients 6th amendment right to have her lawyer present as well as her medical privacy rights under law.

ritanita said...

Thanks for the link! I got wind of the second motion and have been hunting all over to find it!

katfish said...

IMO, Mitnik is silly to plug this media stuff. He should just tape the deposition and then release it if he sees fit. The end result is the same and would save some humiliation for LA.
Baez just doesn't get it. Casey put those pics out there...too bad too sad. It is who she is if it makes her look bad, oh well. Have you heard if any computer savy folks have posted the pics back on PB or another site? I think the caption on one was moon. Good lord.
I do wonder if he doesn't have a point about the medical privacy rights though. We'll see.
Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't found it either. What pictures does Baez not want us to see? There must be some good ones.

I am more interested in that video with Lee and Tony than the jail video of Casey.

Kayrose said...

How do we watch the deposition?

ritanita said...


I know there are people who have them all. The one site I've heard of has "cooties" that will cause computer problems. I've found a couple with some of them, but not all.


When George had his interview with the FBI, Savage told George that they had recovered over a thousand pictures, some of which were "very bad." I believe George said he'd seen some of them.

I have a feeling that these aren't pictures that were in her Photobucket account that was public. They could be the "very bad" ones.

ritanita said...


I'm going to check around the websites tomorrow to see if there will be any live reportage.

I doubt it will be televised since Lee's attorney says they will not do the deposition if there are TV cameras.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting.