Monday, February 9, 2009

Casey Anthony Speaks

I just finished watching a press conference by Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez.

He read a statement from his client:

I miss Caylee every day and every minute of every day. I can't be there for Caylee's funeral, but some day I want to go and visit her grave and tell her how much I miss her.

I allowed my parents to be in charge of the funeral for Caylee. I told them I wanted her buried in a casket and I wanted there to be a gravestone so I could go and visit her. I asked them if there could only be a private funeral for just the family.

I know they cremated her. I still don't want a public event with cameras and everybody around for Caylee's service, but I can't stop my parents from doing what they want. I truly hope that it will help them.

This is such a Casey statement. Notice every sentence begins with "I" and refers to Caylee just four times. She "allowed" her parents to be in charge of the funeral: how generous of her. It doesn't surprise me that she spends more time discussing what SHE wanted (casket, headstone, no public memorial) than the fact that she misses Caylee.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Casey is terribly jealous of Caylee and her mother getting so much attention. It doesn't surprise me she hasn't requested to view the memorial tomorrow.



shari said...

How rank is that statement? It's still all about what "she" "thanks" to her parents or to all the people who cared enough to search for her daughter, no concern for her dad who has taken this so hard. No tears for the child she so carelessly abused.
I guess the garbage bag and trash heap she dumped the body in are now giving her second thoughts...yeah, thoughts of saving her sorry butt. UGH!!!

donchais said...

Boy, that statement speaks volumes!

History Chaser said...

Can't wait for the trial and for Casey to discover her fate and find out she's not visiting anyone's grave ever or any place other than her prison cell ever or any more night clubs either, and that she will not be able to steal from her friends or grandparents again, or most especially harm any more children ever. Eventually, Casey will disappear into history and grow old, rotting in her much-deserved prison cell. Hope she's happy with herself.