Monday, February 9, 2009

A Nomination for Trials & Tribulations

We are very proud and excited to learn that Trials and Tribulations has been nominated by In Cold Blog for the Second Annual In Cold Blog Detective Awards.

The category of ‘Best True Crime Blog’ has many esteemed nominees and ALL of us here at T&T are delighted and honored to be included in this select group of bloggers.

The founder of In Cold Blog is critically acclaimed author Corey Mitchell. Mitchell posted the nominations on February 6 and they will remain open for two weeks.

Thank you so much to our readers for supporting us and allowing us to follow our passion!

Sprocket, donchais, ritanita and CaliGirl9


Anonymous said...

You Rock Sprocket!!!
Can't wait until the next instalment of sputtering Spitz.

Anonymous said...

Whooo Hoooo, great job!! I second the nomination (I just felt like saying that). You deserve to WIN. You are the berries!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sprocket, you definitely deserve to win for all the work you've done.

shari said...

Wow!!! how great is that? You definitely deserve this.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone who contributes. I read the blog everyday!

Anonymous said...


katfish said...

You all at T&T deserve kudos with or without an award! But of course you derserve the award too! 8-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

so deserved...congratulations!!