Monday, April 6, 2009

Phil Spector Verdict Watch Day 4 Part II

It’s 8:37 am, and I’m waiting for the Red Line to take off. I had to drive myself to the Orange Line today since Mr. Sprocket is in the midst of marathon studying for his licensing exams tomorrow. He didn’t even want to lose 45 minutes of study to take me to the train. If a verdict is not reached today, I will have to find our little rolling cart (somewhere in our garage) for getting to the bus tomorrow. The extra weight of the laptop is not helping my swollen knee.

There were some interesting characters on the bus this morning. Standing beside where I was sitting was a young, slender black man with unusual earrings. There were squares, a little larger than 1/2 inch, filled with with what looked like little diamond studs all packed together in neat rows. I complimented him on his earrings and told him they really caught my eye. He thanked me and asked how I was doing.

My subway car is not as packed as it usually is. There are a few empty seats and no one is standing. There is a young girl sitting with her mother. The young girl has a huge pink bear, almost as big as her, with a red Santa cap on it’s head on her lap. Her mother’s eyes are closed. Other travelers are reading books, listening to iPods or closing their eyes trying to rest before work. One man is working with what looks like a sort of palm pilot. I can see him using a little stylus pen to scroll down the screen.

I’m hoping that nothing new has developed that will delay the deliberations. I won’t know until I get downtown. We’ve just left Hollywood and Western. I’m going to put the laptop away so I can rest a bit too, before I get to Civic Center Station.

9:21 am: BUZZ! We just heard the buzz that the jury has started deliberating again. We are assuming that we have an intact jury.

Pat Kelly from the PIO is here beside me. She stated that earlier, Wendy indicated that "time off" would be on a day-to-day basis this week. So there are no predictions at this point as to what days are dark for religious purposes.

9:28 am: Harriet Ryan stopped by to check in with Pat Kelly as to what time the jury started deliberating. The Chris Brown arraignment is today at 3:00 pm today. There is a CNN satellite truck in the parking lot. It's huge. When I get a moment I'll try to upload the photo I took of the truck with my cell phone.

9:34 am: According to Allan Parachini, who just walked in, they are not going to get to Cabrerra (sp?) until this afternoon so it will be a madhouse.

9:36 am: The AP reporter and Terri Keith also stopped by to find out a few things.

I had asked Pat Kelly as soon as I sat down if the Judge had addressed the jury to ask if they saw the article by Mr. Weinberg and to admonish them again about reading newspapers, TV or reading Internet blogs. Harriet Ryan, the AP reporter and Terri Keith all asked the same question.

Pat Kelly is up at Wendy's desk now asking.

9:38 am: Pat Kelly came back and just told me the Judge has not spoken to them yet. When they have a break or a moment, he will do that. (The pending trial from last week is setting up inside the courtroom.) The reason for the day-to-day schedule is because they may get a verdict today. The caterer hasn't even been ordered for tomorrow. Everything is on a day-to-day basis at this point.

Linda from San Diego is there and there are family from the pending trial in the courtroom, along with the CNN reporter, Lindy.

9:42 am: Jennifer Barringer from Spector's defense team has just entered the courtroom. She's sitting in the back row on one of the plastic chairs. Wendy asks her something and Jennifer replies, "No, just waiting."

There's a bit of a bustle in the aisle. Sheriff's detectives were talking to attorneys. It's quiet now.

9:45 am: The alternates were just led into 106 and sat down in their regular seats.

9:48: Fidler takes the bench. "As the trial is finished you're in deliberations there is a heightened media interest and what that means we are getting newspapers stories [...] There is a lot of speculation going on. [..]There's are a lot of (news, articles) things coming in [...] people offering opinions... [...] Every time it happens the attorneys are going to ask me to ask you, has anybody since deliberations (heard or read anything) because [...] been exposed to anything that's inappropriate?" (I don't get all of what he said. Just portions.)

Juror #4: Last night or on the news, something came up but I was asleep I had not seen it. [...] It didn't have any impact,

Did you hear anything about the case? (Reply is no.)

#3: Coming to court I hear on the raido an announcement the defenese complained about something

Fidler: Did it get into details (Response: No.) Anybody else? Anyone feel it would impact their deliberations? (No one responds.)

Fidler: Do you have any problems as continuing? I'm almost going to ask you not to read the papers, and maybe you shouldn't listen to any news shows, because this is going to happen time and time again, So keep that in mind. It's just going to happen. With that in mind I'll allow you to resume your deliberations, and I'll talk to you some other time.

There's more to what Fidler said, but that's all I got trying to type it out as he was talking. The jury went back into the jury room and the alternates went back to 107.

10:00 am: The bailiff calls for cell phones to be turned off. "That goes for you too, Jennier." All the defendant's are here from the other case. Court is called into session for the pending case.

The bailiff tells one of the members of the gallery that they cannot have a newspaper out. They were working a crossword puzzle.

One of the defendants is facing the death penalty. I believe that's what Judge Fidler just mentioned in this pending case. There are five defense attorneys at the table. I have no idea who is representing who.

10:18 am: Nothing on Spector. Just some notes on the pending case. I'm not sure, since I wasn't paying much attention to the proceedings, but I think some of the defendants are trying to have their cases severed.

10:28 am: One of the attorney's is speaking. This crime is not a gang crime. It was a robbery planned to pay back a drug debt of the female defendant, Valerie.

10:38 am: Sherri showed up about five minutes ago and Katie and Lisa just showed up for verdict watch.

10:41 am: Alan Jackson entered the courtroom. He's speaking to Jennifer Barringer.

10:41 am: Jackson leaves after speaking to Jennier.

10:45 am: The other hearing is over and Fidler has left the bench. The defendants are led out.

10:47 am: To answer a comment question. The Spector jury is in the jury room, deliberating. There's no reason motions on other cases cannot be heard at the same time.

10:38 am: BUZZ! They stopped deliberating. Probably on break.

To continue, if the jury has a question (two buzzes) then I'm sure they would find out what it is first, get the attorney's together to see how it's going to be answered/dealt with and if they need to clear the courtroom, they will. No problem.

10:50 am: The AP reporter enters to get an update. Lindy from CNN is updating her.

10:51 am: The courtroom is way emptier and boisterous now.

Sherri, Katie, Lisa and Linda are all discussing the pending case. We are all not sure on the specific details of the charges. One of the defendants (male) was under age at the time of the killing so that defendant is not eligible for the death penalty. We have seen one of the defendant's family in court, the one male that is in the orange jumpsuit. The other two are wearing blue.

10:58 am: BUZZ! The jurors started deliberating again.

The AP reporter came back to tell me that the AP has a story up on Farrah Fawcett. She's not unconscious. She was has a hemotoma (sp?) they believe resulting from her treatment in Germany. The AP reporter has a call in to Dominick just to see how he's doing. She said if she hears anything about how he's doing, she will let me know. That's very kind of her.

Linda from San Diego and Diane, the court reporter, are both wearing bright pink tops and there's a tiny bit of chat about that.

11:06 am: To answer a comment question, the jury buzzes once when they start and stop deliberating. If they decide to take a break (for what ever reason) that's when we hear a buzz.

I look down at Jennifer Barringer and I see she has a Kindle in her lap.

The AP reporter thought Weinberg's response on the LA Times Blog "Blowback" was a good article.

11:12 am: Thank you readers for correcting my lousy typing. Yes, that is 10:58 am instead of 11:58 am.

11:14 am: There is a bathroom in the jury room. They don't have to leave the courtroom to use the restroom.

11:21 am: Jennifer Barringer give a wave to the reporters and leaves 106. The AP reporter reads the LA Times.

11:23 am: Katie and Lisa go to check out another courtroom. Linda from San Diego and Sherri are reading books. I'm going to try to do some work on getting more of my notes transcribed of closing arguments.

11:33 am: To answer a comment, Jennifer Barringer is a defense attorney, based in New York who worked on the first case and now the second case. Jennifer Barringer did not present any witnesses in either trial. She mostly worked at the computer handling all the defense exhibits. She was not here, in court, the entire time. Sometimes she went back to New York and her associate (who works in her office I believe) Tran Smith, handled the exhibits. I remember early on in the case, back in November or December, Jennifer telling me that this was the biggest case she's ever worked on. That's what I remember. If I'm wrong about that Jennifer, I sincerely apologize.

11:39 am: Sherri says that when she came in, she did not notice the CNN satellite truck. Maybe they moved it, or it's not there anymore. It was huge. Like a big FedEx delivery truck with a very large dish on top.

11:43 am: For those of you who might still like to get on the email notification in case there is a verdict, at the end of each day, I will add your email address to the VERDICT WATCH REQUEST draft email that I have ready. I won't be making any additions during the day, but if a verdict is not reached today, I will add to my list tonight. To get on the list, just send me an email. You will need to write VERDICT WATCH REQUEST in the subject line or your email may not get added.

11:51 am: The bailiff just entered the jury room, but I have no idea what for. It might be to get a space ready for the caterer. Ah, he came out with the cart. It's for the caterer, like I suspected.

11:56 am: It is freezing in this courtroom! I did not bring a sweater today and I'm really regretting it.

12:00 noon: The bailiff just told us to clear the courtroom. We will hear the time buzzer I guess when we return from lunch.

12:38 pm: I've just finished lunch and I'm sitting with Sherri and Linda. To answer a few comment questions, Scout had emergency surgery to clean out a deep infected animal bite on his side. The court clerk uses different caterers to order for the jury. The cold room does not help my knee. It appears to make it worse. It's the AP reporter who said she has a call into Dominick. She has not told me that she's heard anything back yet. I imagine she just called, this morning.

I did NOT notice how the jury was dressed this morning. I was busy typing when they came in. From what I glanced, (quickly mind you) they didn't look any different than they usually do. One of the trial watchers thought they noticed that Juror #11 looked upset when they came out to be addressed by Judge Fidler. I did not see or notice this. I was trying to type (and badly I might add).

12:42 pm: Sherri and Linda from San Diego decide to go outside to get warmed up in the sun. I'll be heading back upstairs in a half our or so. I'm going to work some more on day two of closing arguments. I'm very close to being finished. Once I've got the notes up, I'll put up a notice and a link to the proper entry.

1:25 pm: Interesting. When I get up on the 9th floor, I'm told that around 1:11 pm Juror #10 exited 106 with the bailiff and went into 107. When I arrived on the 9th floor a few moments ago, I saw Juror #13 exit 106 with the bailiff and go back into 107. Wendy stuck her head out of 106 and said "Wait a minute." I have no idea what this is about and will find out as soon as I can.

1:43 pm: I'm back inside the courtroom. Pat Kelly from the PIO says she will ask about seeing the jurors in the hallway. She said it could be something simple like phone calls.

Back in the courtroom it's me, Sherri, Linda, Katie & Lisa. Pat Kelly from the PIO and Lindy from CNN.

Wendy and the bailiff tell us that the jury stopped deliberating at 12:45 pm and resumed at 1:35 pm.

1:56 pm: Pat Kelly tells me they went across the hall so they could be escorted downstairs for a break. (I'm guessing this is a smoke break.)

1:58 pm: The AP reporter arrives in 106 for an update. Lindy is updating her on the deliberation times.

To answer a comment, I don't know about Juror #11. This was just the observation and opinion of one of the other trial watchers. Like I said, I did not observe this.

To answer a comment, they had a smoke break during lunch. This happened while I was in the hallway, waiting to enter 106. This was all during the time they did not deliberate. They can bring the jurors back up inside the courtroom via the route they bring the prisoner's up, and we wouldn't have seen them come back into 106 or 107.

2:25 pm: The AP reporter has to go down to cover the Chris Brown hearing, so she's leaving us. Pat Kelly tells me that Brown's arraignment was moved to the 13th floor in Department 123, Judge Patricia Schnegg. That's going to be a mob scene.

I forgot to mention that when we got into 106, there was a strong, lingering smell of BBQ sauce. I found out that during lunch, the jurors come out of the jury room to eat at the long prosecution/defense table.

2:29 pm: BUZZ! BUZZ! We just got two buzzes! The bailiff just entered the jury room!

2:29 pm: The bailiff exited the jury room with a paper in his hand and I "believe" he handed the paper to the clerk.

The clerk, Diane, peeked out from the back and went back into the chambers area. Wendy just went back into chambers.

The bailiff opened the other part of the inner courtroom doors. (This may not mean anything.)

Wendy is still back in the Judge's chamber's area. She hasn't come back to her desk yet.

Off topic here. For those of you have left supportive comments about my knee, and suggestions, I thought I would let you know that I'm taking Boswellia and Bromelian. Bromelian is a natural enzyme, found in the cores of pineapples. It is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory when taken on an empty stomach. You can take up t0 3,000 milligrams a day for a short period of time.

I deleted the last statement I had up because it was unconfirmed.

2:56 pm: BUZZ! They are now on break.

2:49 pm: We are waiting for whatever is coming.

2:50 pm: Pat Kelly informs us that counsel for both sides have been notified. That was the first thing Wendy did was call them.

At 3:00 pm, they are going to clear the courtroom, so the jury can have a private break. I'm GUESSING that the jurors want to use the whole courtroom. Afterwards, we will be let back in.

It's confirmed now that Pat Kelly was asked to call her boss, Allan Parachini.

2:59 pm: I'm out in the hallway, waiting. The hallway is packed with jurors waiting on other courtrooms. I'm lucky to grab a seat.

3:01 pm: We won't have any idea what this is about until all the attorney's get here and Fidler takes the bench.

3:05 pm: I'm still in the hallway. The alternates just went into 106.

To answer a comment question, I cannot tell you off the top of my head how Juror #11 was leaning in their opinion throughout the trial. I will see if I can get a copy of the jury instructions from Pat Kelly, tomorrow, if we're still here tomorrow. There are quite a few, and most are up on the web.

The hallway quickly gets empty as the bailiff from 108 calls them into that courtroom.

I don't know why Allan Parachini was called. It could simply be that Fidler requested that he be there. That is unknown. There would be two buzzes for a read back or if the jury has a question. It's not necessarily a hung jury at this point.

3:12 pm: The alternates left 106 with what looks like dessert. My best guess on this was, the jurors wanted to have a get together to share some type of dessert.

3:13 pm: I've been told with "authority" whatever it was in the bowls was pink-and-white.

3:16 pm: A sheriff exited 106 with a bowl. We stop him and find out it's rainbow sherbet in the bowl. That's what the jurors were snacking on during break.

3:18 pm: Pat Kelly tells me that she was asked by Wendy to call Allan Parachini. He is tied up with the media, outside. So, we don't even know if he called 106 back. It doesn't sound significant to me at this point.

Pat Kelly did confirm that Rianna is not in the courtroom for Chris Brown's arraignment because she was just up there.

3:28 pm: I'm back inside the courtroom. BUZZ! The jury restarted deliberations.

3:30 pm: Pat Kelly tells us that Wendy just told her, that the jury had a question. The question will be addressed tomorrow morning at which time it will be made public.

3:37 pm: When I get home, I will add up the number of hours they deliberated today and add that to my total for the end of court last Wednesday (8 hours, 17 minutes). I'm guessing it will be close to 12 hours total, or a little under that amount, depending on when the final buzz is heard today.

3:42 pm: It's very quiet in the courtroom now. Sherri went home. It's now just me, Linda from San Diego, Lindy from CNN and Pat Kelly from the PIO office. Oh, and of course the bailiff, Wendy and various staff members in the back, behind the scenes, like the court reporters, and other assistant clerks.

3:46 pm: To answer some comment questions, I don't know how many hours the jury deliberated in the first trial. The time was spread out over, I think, more than 2 weeks time. The jury normally goes until 4:00 pm. They went home early that one Friday.

3:54 pm: Terri Keith from Citi News drops in. She says the Chris Brown hearing is over. Not guilty plea. Mark Geragos was there. Terri Keith said the hearing was "Crowded and brief."

3:55 pm: BUZZ! The jurors have stopped deliberating for the day.

Pat Kelly says court resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30 am.

3:59 pm: The jury door opened a crack. "There he is! We're ready!" I heard that coming from the jury room. As the jury exits, some wave goodbye salutations to Wendy. I hear laughter as they exit the courtroom.

And that's it. See y'all tomorrow!

Note: The afternoon break was from 3:00 pm to 3:25 pm.


Anonymous said...

i hope that your knee gets to feeling better,,,still on the waiting,,,very nerve wracking either way this goes,,,have a good day

Anonymous said...

Now what happened to your knee? Did I miss something?

If anyone in the jury room starts talking "days off", I can assure you that somebody in the group will get verbally agressive and tell them to get down to business. In group dynamics, there will be at least 1 to crack the whip. I have been known to do that myself, and it must be in the genes cause my mom was (and is) the whip cracker when it comes to that kind of never-ending nonsense.
Wes J.

Anastasia said...

I hope they have a verdict today and that justice is FINALLY served! I hope that you have a great day! Thanks again for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sprocket for your quick updates as usual - hoping the verdict is reached today.

Carol L Beck said...

Hi Sprocket:

I truly don't know what I'm going to do after the verdict is reached in this trial. I have been coming to the website all weekend with not even a new comment. Oh well, at least I got my taxes done.

I hope you don't end up in the middle of what sounds like a melee at the courthouse today. Keep safe and healthy because you know we need you and love you.


Anonymous said...

Sprocket, glad to hear your voice online this morning!

Perhaps a little rolling suitcase would work well for you and your computer? Or maybe you have a folding shopping cart?

I have a feeling the jury's going to work really hard to get this DONE.

Best, Christine

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Sprocket!

Praying for a guilty verdict today. Get this evil creature behind bars already.

I have a question about Dominick Dunn. Has he been to court lately? Any news on his health?


Justice for Lana

Sprocket said...

My left knee unexpectedly swelled up on the evening of the first day of deliberations. It is slowly getting better.

I have not heard anything on the health of Dominick Dunne. Last I heard he was going to Germany for some special treatments, similar to what he received in the Dominican Republic.

Anonymous said...


I sure hope your are right.

Sprocket, if I weren't all the way in New Hampshire, I'd pick you up myself!!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the update on DD. Thanks. Take care of that knee.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that the jury is finally together and deliberating. And also glad to hear you are there reporting this for us. My question is ...this pending trial, is it going to start today in Judge Fidler's court? or are these just motions? Do they ask everyone to leave if there is a verdict?

Linda in Tx

Sprocket said...

This other case is still pending. They are just hearing motions. I don't believe they will start it until Spector has finished; that's my best guess.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better.... and hope Spector is behind bars tonight eating bologna.

Ron from Phoenix said...

Good Morning, Sprocket.

I'm curious, too, as Linda in Texas is. Is the jury right there in the jury room in 106 while this new trial is going on? And, what happens if the jury has a question of the judge? And what happens if they buzz three times, with a verdict? Does Judge Fidler immediately suspend these proceedings and send these participants home?

Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother posting that last comment, I just read 9:42 a.m.

They are there and waiting like the rest of us.

Ron from Phoenix said...

Well, I guess my questions got answered being they even got posted.


Anonymous said...

Sprocket. I have to go do a number of work related errands, several hours at least, --- it is hard to leave knowing you are there updating this on a regular basis. Still, I hope this verdict moves along at a good clip as I know I can catch up when I get back. Thanks again for your persistent devotion,

best, Christine

zumbagirl said...

They took a break already! One hour and they this pace we'll be here forever. Do they have to buzz even if someone has to use the restroom?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sprocket I noticed you have the jury begining deliberations at 11:58...I think you meant 10:58?

Anonymous said...

After one hour of deliberating the jury takes a 20 minute break? Am I reading this correctly? I have never seen anything like this...not even in movies! Judge Fidler truly needs to sit this jury down and have a talk with them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people should criticize breaks, especially in the morning after our coffees. I am sure that to get out etc. does take 20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

As Sprocket mentioned there are restroom facilities located inside the jury room. Taking a break after 1 hour of starting deliberations is inexcusable.

Donna said...

who is Jennifer Barringer?

Anonymous said...

Those critizing the jury for breaks must not have ever served as a juror before.

Anonymous said...

They are just coming off a 4 day weekend. Taking a 20 minute break after deliberating only 1 hour is sad. Unless, of course, they are close to reaching a verdict and each one wanted to take a moment to make certain their guilty verdict is the proper one. YEA, THAT'S WHY!

Kari said...

Are the jurors dressed casually today? Don't they often dress a little nicer when they know they have a verdict with high-profile cases, since they might be on TV afterward?

Anonymous said...

This is great coverage Sprocket, keep it up! I hope your knee is better soon.


Jytte710 said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Sprocket. I hope the verdict comes soon. Does he go straight to jail if he is convicted? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, what type of lunches are delivered to the jury members? Are they handed a menu with limited selections? Is there a food allowance? Is it from a restaurant that has decent food? Just curious. Let me know. Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Sending warm thoughts and thanks from Florida. On the postitive side the cold should help with the swelling in your knee.

caroleigh said...

Finally! Some news......! A weekend without Sprocket is like a forest with no trees. I spent all weekend clicking, clicking clicking to see if you had added any new news. Has Lisa got ahold of Dominick Dunne? Everyone is on the edge of their computer chairs! Listening to every word! I too have a question, what kind of surgery did Scout have? I am owned by 13 of them.
Keep up your wonderful work, we love you Dear Sprocket

Anonymous said...


I had a terrible time with my knee. I read that 2000 units of cod liver oil helped so I started taking C.L.O.and Triple Flex on a daily basis. It took a few months but my knee is like new! Cold and wet had been torture but now I have no problems.

EVERYONE - Positive thoughts for Lana and light candles in our Lana group at


Carol L Beck said...

Ah caroleigh!! A true cat person knows that one never owns a cat--the cat owns you!! I, too am owned.

To Anonymous at 11:28--I agree.

People--leave the jury to do what they have to do in their own time. Just because we have nothing better to do than wait for the verdict doesn't mean the jury isn't doing their job. I applaud them for doing their duty and losing 6 months of their life. Thank you jurors!!


Anonymous said...

When I hear a verdict has been reached I will know that Spector has been found guilty.

There is no way 12 people are all going to buy into any of the garbage his defense put out, but one might. His only hope is a mistrial because of another idiot, like juror 10 in the last trial.

I have been reading some of the posts at the la times blog. Some of the comments are so ridiculous that they must have come from RS, or perhaps even from PS himself.


Anonymous said...

Sprockett, I, too, am owned by cats. Sadly, just two weeks ago I had to have my 24-year-old baby cat Sheba euthanized. I loved her enough to let her go, but it broke my heart.

So I'm hoping for a conviction today, also.

Anastasia said...

How late do they deliberate? Is it a set time each day?

I hope you got warmed up!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sprocket,
Thank you so much, I have been reading you constantly over the years and appreciate what you are doing. I got hooked on the Spector case when I first got satellite radio and since then I've been very grateful you have kept up with all the news in person. Please go see a doctor as soon as there is a verdict! Your knee might be healed with just a simple cortisone shot. Take care and thanks again,
Sailor in Kansas City

Anonymous said...

How long has the jury deliberated?

shari said...

Sprockie, I sure hope you get to warm up a little. Glad you're there though. Sorry to hear about your knee. I am taking something called MSM from the health food store. Doctor recommended it for the inflammation. It really helps. Don't let it get too bad though....we need ya!!! haha

Anonymous said...

Is Fidler conducting a Spector hearing in Det. 107 involving the jurors?

Did you pop into 107 to check?

Anonymous said...

Round of applause for the jurors . . . less than an hour for lunch . . . crowd goes wild. Do your job folks and thanks for the efforts.

Anonymous said...

Who is juror #11 (who someone thought looked upset this morning) and what do you know about him/her?

If a juror is upset, he or she could be in the MINORITY.

Anonymous said...

"Do your job folks" is what they are doing: Deliberating.

So is reaching a not guilty verdict if they think the evidence and the law compels it.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the jury will take longer for a not guilty verdict than a guilty verdict.

Anonymous said...

Why are they having a smoke break when they've only been back from lunch 20 mins? Is this usual, or does it mean a verdict is imminent do you think?

Anonymous said...

Why don't the jurors petition Judge Fidler for a few recliners and a flat screen TV with satellite? MLB started today so I am certain a few of them are interested in catching some of the games. I'll pitch in for popcorn, hotdogs and soda. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: ""Do your job folks" is what they are doing: Deliberating." Hello . . . a little testy are we? I know that's what they're doing. I also thanked them for their efforts. Happy not to be in their shoes and will respect what they arrive at though I have my preferences . . . I did not sit through what they sat through . . . so take a deep breath and we'll all hang on for the ride!

Anonymous said...

Terrific put the mainstream media to shame! By any chance has there been any talk of putting the JURY INSTRUCTIONS up on the Superior Court website? Currently there are no documents from 2009 that I see on the site.
Keep up the great coverage!

Bob said...

Sprocket, thax for the reporting. Do you know or maybe the PIO knows if the verdict will be telivised. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

"To answer a comment, I don't know about Juror #11. This was just the observation and opinion of one of the other trial watchers. Like I said, I did not observe this."

Understood when you first posted the comment.

But my question is what do you know about Juror #11 (looks, sex, age, demeanor, note taker etc.) and (SECOND QUESTION) do you think this juror was more receptive to the prosecution or the defense?


Unknown said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say "hi" Sprocket. I'm listening to all of the new document and video dumps they had in the Casey Anthony case, today, as I continuously refresh your page for the Spector updates.

Thanks, again, for all you do!


Anonymous said...

I think a hot tub might be in order. They can install it right next to the band and bar.

Sorry, all respect for the jurors. I have been on over 4 juries, we wanted to do it, get it done, whether guilty or not. Too many lives and people in wait.

This is very serious business.

My 3 cents.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let this be a "What do we do if we can't agree on a verdict ...." kind of question ...

Anonymous said...

They don't call Alan for a simple jury question!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the jury is wanting to go home early and take a nap. As Larry the Cable man says Get Er Done!!!

Anonymous said...

This tells me that cannot reach a decision. Sprocket, can it be anything else????

Anonymous said...

When the jury has a question, does Spector also have to be present with his lawyers before they can address it?

Thanks, Sprocket!

Anonymous said...

This is not about a breat! That's crazy. Something serious is going on.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, I'm on pins and needles about what's coming. You would think I was the one being tried. Keep us informed and God Bless you for doing such a great job. Clammy hands and shaky knees here in Ga.

Anonymous said...

It will take a while to assemble the defense and prosecution lawyers in court. They always have an estimated time for a response 30-45 minutes. They are letting the jury cool their heels in the courtroom. This sounds like a verdict

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't have one member holding out. OMG. Please no

Unknown said...

So are they taking a break before they go home at 3pm?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible a verdict has been reached and the jurors only buzzed twice?

Anonymous said...

Geez!!!! Another hung jury??? I hope not. I think Spector wanted to be there for all Jury questions, so they would have called him no matter what. I am worried!


Chelsea said...

We never heard 3 buzzes in PS1. Only 2. I hope this isn't what I'm thinking...

Anonymous said...

"They don't call Alan for a simple jury question!"

Yes the do. All counsel mut be notified and consulted on how to answer the question.

Chelsea said...

I'm pretty sure both sides have to be there for a question....

Anonymous said...

The question is either a request to have additional exhibits sent in, for a read back of testimony or for the clarification of a legal instruction.

Two or more jurors disagree on something and are trying to resolve it.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!!!!

I don't know what we would do without your coverage.

I hope your knee is feeling better!!

caroleigh said...

Oh my God I walk away from my computer for 15 minutes, hauling in another load of wood for the wood stove, (in the thirties tonight here in Mississippi)
What is everybody talking about?
2:59 says something serious is going on,
What ???/
I backed up the comments and couldn't find anything.

What is happening ???????????
please somebody respond, I promise not to leave my computer again!

Anonymous said...

Sharing dessert? Sign of a celebration that a verdict was reached? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Unknown said...

How many hours have they actually deliberated to this point?



Anonymous said...

They are going past their normal quitting time. If this is a simple question, it seems like the jury could go home and get an answer in the morning. And the alternate dessert seems odd. This is getting curioser and curioser!!


Carol L Beck said...


Have the attorneys been called to court. I'm not sure. Didn't PS waive his right to be in court for jury questions? Why would Mr. Parachini have to be in court. Does it sound as if something other than a question has come up to you?

I'm on pins and needles to see what shapes up here.


Anonymous said...

Juror 13......deliberations must be around 12 hours or so. Sprocket?

Katprint said...

Amazing up-to-date blog coverage! I was checking in at about 3:20 pm (California time) and the most recent update was 3:13 pm so it is practically like being there!

Thanks so much for your hard work covering this for us.

Unknown said...

Dessert.... hmmmmmm..... now that's a new one for me, but then it is an LA courtroom... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

If there was a verdict thr media would have been told and a TV camera would be setting up for pool video with a still photographer. If that's not happening there is another serious matter more than a question.

Anonymous said...

how many hours?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us so well informed today. Take care of yourself and look forward to logging in tomorrow. Here's hoping the jurors can come to a verdict tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like they are having a tea party! Twelve hours - they should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...


I don't recall how many hours the PS1 jury deliberated....could you give us a ballpark?

Anonymous said...

I thought the jury usually stopped at 3:00.

Anonymous said...

43 hours on the 1st trial

Anonymous said...

After almost 43 hours of deliberation over 12 days

Anonymous said...

Happy Jurors altogether munching on dessert. It's not all bad.

Anonymous said...

Direct from CNN's web site regarding this trial:

"Spector jury deliberates -- occasionally"

That statement pretty much says it all about this jury and their commitment. I mean...c'mon! Dessert sharing, smoke breaks, days off...working an hour and then take a break for 20 minutes. What's next? Who is the leader of this pack? ANYONE? It is starting to become laughable.

Anonymous said...

Laughter means they're going to coinvict him. They're just trying to decide between murder two or manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

well, whatever their question is, it can't be an obstacle to deliberating, because they resumed deliberations until it was time for them to go home.

either that or they were having seconds on the sherbet and talking about whether Gilles & Cheryl or Tony and Melissa would top the judges' leaderboard tonight on Dancing With the Stars.

caroleigh said...

Silence And More Silence ..........
Sprocket, what is going on?
F5 is sworn down to a NUB!!

Christine said...

Just back from working. After finding out that there is a restroom in the jury room, that they have treats, catered lunch and are treated well, I think it's sort of disgusting that they took a break after only 1 hour this morning.


1. They don't take this too seriously.
2. They take it seriously but one or more persons is being difficult
3. They have made a decision and are killing time.
4. The review of the evidence, especially Weinberg's zillion objections, has bogged them down completely

That's my take on it, of course it's probably completely off the mark as it's all speculation.

Anonymous said...

"Sharing dessert? Sign of a celebration that a verdict was reached?"

More likely, a juror's B-day.

If a verdict was reached, there would have been three hits on the buzzer.

Now, as far as the question goes, it could mean something or nothing, and everything in between.

PS: To the commenter in Mississippi (thirty degrees, left to go grab more firewood), here in Northern California it is about 68 degrees and clear.

Liz said...

Many thanks Sprocket - without your wonderful reporting - we would indeed be "denuded"

Anonymous said...

I think the question they have may be about the degree of murder they can charge Phil with. They will be back with the verdict after lunch tomorrow. That's my take and I'm sticking to it. Thanks Sprocket for being our eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...


Greetings, Ms. Sprocket,

Since it is apparent that TruTV isn't likely to cover the verdict, what's stopping YOU from contacting other (national) media outlets and "pre-arranging" an on-site interview that could be nationally televised?

You're now a well-known journalist and recorder/reporter for Spector II and folks respect you and your contributions. (You already have a radio audience following!)

How 'bout it?

Thanks again for being our eyes and ears, Sprocket! We love you!

Best Regards,
Emily in Ohio

Sprocket said...

I'm certain the accredited press will be there for a verdict if/when it's reached, and they will have their own reporters covering it.

It's all speculation at this point, what the jury is going to ask. We will know tomorrow.

I'm beat everyone. I've got quite a few more addresses to add to the verdict watch draft email. I'll see you all tomorrow morning, unless I get that Day Two of closing arguments finished tonight. If I do, I will post them with a link back to the original entry.

caroleigh said...

Yes, Get Some Rest! I hope you get a ride tomorrow from Mr. Sprocket .

I would like to know about Scout, what kind of surgery? Is he living inside now? And did Lisa ever get in touch with Mr. Dune? Goodod night, and will see you in the morning .........

Unknown said...

Echoing the sentiments of many others here, bless you for being our eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

awww....we do appreciate you, Sprocket. Thank you so much! I know you're tired! Get some rest tonight. All of us can wait until tomorrow for you to post our comments. Good night!!

Virginia Waldron Australia said...

Every afternoon on arrival home from work, my husband reads me your blog whilst I have a cup of tea. This has become quite a ritual and one which we both enjoy very much. We have six cats all but the latest one being rescue cats. Our kitten is an Ocicat and is quite adorable as are all the others. They enjoy this time too. Funny as this may seem, after visiting Phil Spector's webpage this morning, I have an overwhelming sense of loss and dread at the thought of his being incarcerated. All the enjoyment, beauty and fun that his immense tome of work brought to the world makes me feel deeply sad at the turn of events his life has taken. He truly is a creative genius...possibly not easy to live with but nonetheless prodigiously creative and talented. Of course I feel compassion for poor, dear Lana and her loving family. I also feel anger at how he handled guns to quell his sense of impotent rage when confronted by women who did not wish to be controlled. I am not condoning his misogyny and his repeated misuse of firearms. That is all reprehensible but to lose forever his musical contribution will be a sad day indeed for the world. He is a complex character who could not go through with his psychological therapy because of a collision of factors: his early overwhelming success and his subsequent treatment as a demigod in the music world and his tragic childhood. I don't think he could allow a therapist to confront him about his immaturity and rage. He would not have liked a therapist to refuse to bow and scrape to him as all those with whom he associated did from an early age. A good therapist would not have colluded with him in maintaining a deluded sense of importance and I think Phil would have found all of that too difficult. He eluded the demons he needed to face by hiding behind alcohol, wealth and gigantic professional reputation. But in order to come out of his perpetual emotional adolescence he needed to examine himself at painful length and he was not able to do so. Had he succeeded, this scenario would not now be playing out on the world stage. I think Phil is guilty of murder but I still mourn his loss and wonder how he will handle an environment like prison where his aesthetic sensibilities will be trampled underfoot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket - hope you have a great day, thank you again for your awesome coverage!!