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Phil Spector Verdict Watch Day 9

Good morning everyone!

9:20 am: BUZZ! I just logged on and the jurors buzzed. I'm here with Mr. Sprocket. Linda from San Diego is here along with our friend who is studying for the bar. I'll call them, "LS" for law student. The other case is setting up for another pre-trial hearing.

his is the case that is waiting for Spector to end. The prosecutor is Maureen Green and there are three defendants. A mother and son will be tried at the same time, but they will have different juries. The other defendant's case has been severed and that trial will follow this one I believe.

9:25 am: If a verdict is not reached this morning, then in the afternoon, Linda from San Diego has agreed to call my wonderful c0-blogger, donchais with the break time updates. donchais will post the break start and stop times as well as send out the email notices in the event a verdict is reached in the afternoon.

Ah, the severed case will start first and then the case against Valerie Martin will start in late May. I had that reversed.

9:33 am: Pat Kelly from the PIO office is right next to me, keeping me honest. The KNBC reporter Gary is here. The AP reporter came in to get the start time and turned around and left. Harriet Ryan is here. The AP reporter comes back in. The other case is starting. We have to be quiet since they are on the record.

Not all of the defense attorneys are here for the other case. Only five are currently here. I think this is a hearing where the defendants don't have to be here since Fidler took the bench and there are not in the courtroom.

The current hearing is in a bit of a lull. Fidler is reading something at the bench and all parties are waiting. Gary, the NBC reporter tells us that TMZ is reporting Mel Gibson's wife filed for divorce. A loyal T&T reader, Kevin has come down to the courthouse for verdict watch today.

9:42 am: I was wrong. All the defendants just came in. One of the attorneys is speaking now but I don't know his name.

Answering a comment. Once the lunch recess is called (or if the bailiff's "kick us out" a few minutes before ~ basically telling us we have to leave the courtroom that moment) we will be heading down to an appointment in Torrance that was scheduled back in November. This is an appointment for Mr. Sprocket that I would like to attend. However, I told him that IF a verdict is reached this morning and the verdict is to be read in the afternoon I "may" stay to hear the verdict. Mr. Sprocket understands.

9:49 am: If you haven't had a chance to read them yet, ritanita, donchais and CaliGirl9 all have posted entries on other high profile stories in the last two days. Please take the time to drop in on those stories and give them your viewpoint. I've updated the Spector Jury Clock entry with more facts and totals about this case. I'd also like to mention again a blog that has followed the astrological aspects of Spector's retrial, and that's The Aries Point, for those of you who like you read that perspective. There are also some interesting web sites in the "Places To Go" listing on the right. There, you can find a link to Dominick's Diary where you can leave him your well wishes.

Also consider checking out the blogs in the "Blogs I Love & Read" list. There are several there I'd like to talk about. AVOISION is a blog I stumbled upon last year and I just love the creativity of the place. katfish ponders is a fellow blogger who has been attending the Nicholas Sheley hearings and writing about her experiences attending the court proceedings. She also write about other high profile cases. Juror Thirteen is a great place that brings you the latest on several high profile trials as well as searches out cases that are being covered live streaming on the net. There is also a fun and lively chat room.

Sherri enters 106, as well as a few other young clerk looking individuals.

I would also like you to consider dropping in on The Babblings of a Whimsical-Brainpan and read her story about the fire she was in and the rough road she's had to travel ever since. Most of you already know Kim of The Darwin Exception, but for those of you who don't she is one of the wittiest bloggers I know and kept everyone in stitches during her coverage of the first trial.

10:11 am: BUZZ!! The jury is taking a break.

Answering a comment. I'm sort of "joking" when I say the PIO employee is "keeping me honest." What I mean is, she is the one I go to for questions. She gives everyone in the room the answers. She is our liaison with Fidler's clerk, Wendy.

With the above buzz, they have deliberated 51 minutes so far today.

Answering a comment. Well, I hope the CNN mention was a positive one.

10:20 am: BUZZ!! The jury is back on the job.

10:33 am: The hearing for the other case is over and the attorneys are exiting the courtroom. Fidler is still sitting at his bench. He must be reading over something. I'm sorry. There is still one attorney who is packing up. Now he gets up to leave. Fidler may be still on the bench for another case. Ah! Yes. A hearing on another case.

Answering a comment. We have no idea how the eyelashes got on the back of the toilet. We don't know if Lana put them there or if Spector did.

The other hearing is over and Fidler is off the bench. The AP reporter moves to her favoirte seat. The courtroom is empty but for those of us who are sitting on jury watch.

Mr. Sprocket is talking phone networks with Kevin. "LS" is reading the Daily News. There are several attorneys at Wendy's desk. The AP reporter is reading the LA Times and the rest of us are trying to stay awake.

I'd like to thank Paul at CNN for giving T&T a mention in his latest story.

Answering a comment. I did not see any satellite trucks in the parking lot when we walked up from the parking lot.

Answering a comment. I don't know that the jurors put in a lunch request. I think Wendy knows from the various months of working with this jury what they like and don't like.

Answering a comment. I think the lack of media interest is because of several factors. The economy (and lack of resources) as well as the fact that there are no new "facts" being presented. The retrial is like a movie that's being "replayed." That's my take on it.

Now "LS" is reading the Times and so is Kevin. Linda is reading a book. Sherri has stepped outside to make some phone calls, and so did Mr. Sprocket. Although I didn't bring it today, I'm reading Linda Sweetingham's Chemical Cowboys. I'm almost half way through and it's a great book. Although this is not the usual thing we do, but when we are finished we will write a review on it for the blog.

Answering a comment. I spoke to Dianne Ogden's daughter during (I believe) the second day of closing arguments. She was there. I asked her about her mother's death and if I could write about it. She said yes. I've delayed mentioning it because I still haven't found the time to finish writing up all of the closing arguments. She stated that it was just like Heath Ledger's death. An accidental overdose of prescription medications mixed with a cough medicine. Dianne's daughter stated she was not looking forward to having to take the stand again.

11:05 am: The only noise in the courtroom is the loud ticking of the wall clock every minute and the rustling of newspapers being read.

11:13 am: LS has left and Sherri is back, chatting with Linda from San Diego.

Answering a comment. I believe the District Attorney's office would try this case a third time. I just read a news report or a press release, I'm not positive which, where one defendant was tried four times. Understand, that is just my opinion. I've not heard anything officially from the DA's office about that.

Mr. Sprocket returns from the hallway. He's been calling the truck trader magazines since he's looking for a work vehicle.

Reading the plaque on Fidler's bench, he asks me what does he go by? Larry or Paul? I tell him, "Judge Fidler, or your honor" lol! That's not anything those of us in the gallery would know.

11:34 am: I'm in email contact with In Sessions Beth Karas who is checking in with me for updates of the verdict watch. Also, Katie and Lisa are emailing also. They are totally bummed that they cannot be here this week. They are on vacation.

Answering a comment. I don't know anything on how one would/could calculate how much the state has spent. Would they calculate in the state crime lab employees who are paid a set salary on exempt status? That would be the same for the prosecutor's, too. They are paid a set salary and you know that they put in WAY MORE than just an "8 hour" day. Would they calculate in the clerks who helped on the case? I think a 20 million figure for the state is speculation.

Answering a comment. All I can say is, we have to be patient. The jury will do what they are going to do. LS is back.

Answering a comment. Yes, California has the death penalty. The case that Judge Fidler will hear after Spector is finished, two of the defenants are facing the death penalty.

Answering a comment. "LS" is the young individual who is studying to take the bar. They have

11:45 am: BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ! They've reached a verdict!

12:08 pm: I'm in the cafeteria having lunch with Mr. Sprocket. We were asked to leave the courtroom. Wendy indicated to Pat Kelly, the PIO, that the "earliest" they can read the verdict is 2:00 pm PT. She will not know until 1:30 pm.

There was an independent film director (currently in talks with Spector) sitting in the second row alongside the AP reporter. She told one trial watcher that I was "kicked out" of the first trial. That is so false it's laughable. I've never been kicked out of any courtroom. I was falsely accused of talking so loud in the courtroom the jurors could hear, during the first trial. The following court day, Judge Fidler apologized to me on the record. That apology is still up on YouTube I believe. I left following the trial of my own accord, after I was given a press pass.

12:27 pm: The jury deliberated a total of 28 hours and 56 minutes according to my calculations.

12:31 pm: Oops! 28 Hours and 57 minutes.

I'm heading back upstairs to wait in the hallway. If I can find a bench seat, I'll report from the hallway.

Answering a comment. It was NOT the AP reporter who said that. It was the independent director who said that to another trial watcher, NOT Ms. Deutsch.

12:35 pm: A verdict has been reached people. It is not hung. There is a verdict. It is one of three choices. Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder, Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter or Not Guilty. We will know when we know. Please be patient.

12:47 pm: I'm in the hallway outside 106. Now that I've got a good look at this "director" I know who it is. This is the woman who was trying to get Dominick Dunne to write her memoirs. This is the same person who went to Wendy's clerk and falsely accused me of talking to loud in court.

Many reporters have shown up. I'm told by a reporter that KLOS has a remote van parked out in front of one of the other courthouses. I see two of Lana's friends. Harriet Ryan is working on her laptop, along with Peter Hong. Claudia from (I think it's KFWB) a radio station is here. Will there be enough room for everyone who's been waiting?

Miriam Hernandez from Channel 7 is here. There is a still photographer here. The Asian man from the AP. I don't see a video camera yet. Allan Parachini, head of the PIO office is here.

1:03 pm: More and more media is showing up. I have very little battery left so I am going to shut down for a bit. We got moved to the other side of the hallway where there are no outlet plugs and jurors from other courtrooms who are waiting have been moved to the side with outlets. Ahhhggg!!!!

1:05 pm: Steven Mikulan from the LA Weekly is here and razzes me about my trackball because I've never learned to use the built in mousepad.

1:08 pm: A video camera showed up. I do NOT know if there will be a live feed or not. I will try to find out.

1:12 pm: I just spoke to Miriam Hernandez. It's her camera crew that are here. She stated that as soon as they get inside the courtroom, they are going to do a "test" to see if they can send a live transmission. They won't know until they do a test if the technology will work or not.

1:36 pm: I'm inside the courtroom. I'm sitting to Harriet Ryan's right and Steve Mikulan is to my right. Two great report's I really admire.

Please everyone! Let's try to be kind to other posters, regardless of their opinions.

1:41 pm: They are still trying to seat people. Lana's friends are here in the front row. Juror #9 is here. Richard Doyle from the DA's office is in the gallery.

According to one of my readers, supposedly there is a live feed at NBC. I don't know if there is or not. A verdict has been reached. I see Sandi Gibbons from the DA's office.

There's lots of media here that I've never seen before.

1:48 pm: Louis Spector and his companion Frieda arrived. The courtroom on the left is packed now. There are a few seats left I think for Lana's family.

Answering a comment. I am inside the courtroom and I'm plugged into a wall outlet along with Harriet and Steven Mikulan. The PIO staff is tirelessly trying to seat more people.

1:51 pm: Doron Weinberg arrived with his wife and his wife's sister. Spector's #1 fan has been in the hallway since about 12:45 pm and is inside the courtroom sitting on the defense side.

1:55 pm: The bailiff removes the podium from the courtroom. Truc Do, Alan Jackson and Joshua their clerk arrive.

1:58 pm: I didn't see him come in but Donte is sitting on the defense side in the second bench row.

We just hear from the PIO that any interviews will be in Department 100 on the 13th floor. Allan Parachini will be making the pitch to the jury in the hopes they will speak to the press.

Several networks have live feeds up. CNN, MsNBC, NBC.

Jennifer Barringer arrived. Earlier, Steven and I had to scoot down one seat for a sheriff. They are sitting to my

2:01 pm: Spector entered and I missed it.

Rachelle is in the front row. A few members of Donte's family are here it looks like.

Lana's mother and sister are not here yet.

2:04 pm: The courtroom is very quiet.

Another Spector supporter is let into the courtroom, along with Richard Gabriel. They squeeze into the front row on the defense side.

Lana's counsel arrive along with her family. They are trying to squeeze into the front row. This courtroom is packed to the gills.

Counsel, ready for the judge? (Wendy, Fidler's clerk.)

Fider is telling the courtroom he will not tolerate any outbursts. "Please seat the jury and the alternates."

The jurors enter the courtroom. The alternates are led in from another way.

The last juror enters.

Verdict forms are being handed to the bailiff.

Clerk will read the verdict.

GUILTY 2nd Degree Murder!

Find that he personally used a firearm.

The Judge is polling the jury.

Fidler reads to the jurors their final instruction.

Fidler sends them back into the jury room. There are a ton of sheriff's around where Spector is.

Setting a date for sentencing. Weinberg asking to be still released on bail pending sentencing.

Fidler asks to hear from Jackson. People are asking for immediate remand. "Court has to consider the protection of the public," Jackson states. He goes onto mention the pattern of violence of the convict. Jackson mentions his prior convictions and the possibility that he now may flee.

Weinberg now pleads for Spector to remain on bail again. Fidler now speaks and explains his pending ruling. He is agreeing with the prosecutions arguments.

We are told by the bailiff to clear the courtroom. I'm going to go to 13th floor.

The defendant is ordered remanded.

Sentencing Friday May 29th, but Spector has a right to be sentenced before that date. That's agreeable. That's the date, at 11 am:

Spector is led off into the little jail room.

2:35 pm: I'm at the press conference in Department 100 but I only have 1/2 a battery charged. I'm going to shut down for now until which ever jurors come out and decide to speak.

Some trial watchers believed that Spector was heavily medicated; I don't know.

Answering a comment. I am wearing a purple shirt but I'm not outside on the plaza.

2:50 pm: The presser is starting. Weinberg is going to start and some members of the family will be with him.

They changed. The prosecution will speak first. Steve Cooley is with them. Lana's famly is up there with Jackson and Truc. I can barely see between the camera.

Steve Cooley speaks. Justice has finally been done in this case. It took a while. A tremendous team effort. Mentions all the agencies, Truc Do, Alan Jackson, Pat Dixon. Acknowledges the many people who testified to paint a true picture of Phil Spector. Commend the family.

Jackson speaks about this jury verses last jury. "They were close last time." "The second degree conviction was the right thing." "The sentence in this case is mandatory. It's 15 to life, with a minimum. [..] The gun charge adds 3-10 on top of that."

"I feel relief for the family. .... Some closure, but relief for the family." "Today is when the Clarkson family that gets their justice."

Cooley states that they don't track how much their cases cost. "We really do not track."

Alan Jackson states that summing up Spector's motive, it would be "rage."

Cooley said that a third shot would only have happened after a careful review.

(Before they started, the Clarkson family stated they would not answer questions at this time.)

John Taylor will speak. "Family is pleased with the verdict and the trashing of Lana's life will end now. There's no joy here today, it's a tragedy. Because of the ongoing civil case they will not speak."

Some jurors will speak to the press.

Juror 1, 2, 7. and three alternates. We can't hear her. #1 is speaking at the microphones. "We reviewed all the testimony and all the evidence."

"When we went in, everyone went in neutral. And we went through everything piece by piece by piece."

"We went throught everything and everyone discussed. It was very mutual. So we went through everything."

I do want to say that, I think, this entire jury took this so seriously, and I don't think there could have been another set of people who could have listened so carefully. And it couldn't have been more painful. Nothing to do with Mr. Weinberg. She starts to break up, cry. "We tried to evaluate another human being, and it was really difficult.

We went back to look at everything in it's totality. There wasn't one specific things."

A reporter asks about demeanor. "I don't think that Spector had any type of demeanor."

"I don't think anything was more than anything else. We looked at everything in the totality."

That's pretty much it. None of the other jurors that came out want to speak to the press.

Now Mr. Weinberg is going to talk. I'm not pleased to be here. I couldn't disagree with Mr. Cooley more. I have no doubt that the jury did that with complete integrity and honestly."

Believes strongly in Spector's innocence and will appeal. Thinks there are several errors that will be turned over on appeal. We accept the jurys' verdict, they did the very best they could under the circumstances. They did the very best they could. There is enormous pressure to convict."

Weinberg is specifically referring to the 1101(b) witnesses. Once that framework was set it was extremely difficult for Spector to get a fair trial. "Spector took the verdict very stoically."

He just accepted it and we would go from there. "He maintained his composure throughout, even with issues that (defense) didn't agree with." In reference to Spector's speaking, "That was not an issue."

Weinberg adresses the issue of defense experts. "The prosecution had unlimited resources. No one had the responsibility to keep track of their time. [...] When I asked the prosecution witnesses, they said, "We don't know, we're not required to keep track."

Weinberg goes onto the issue of defendants hiring paid experts.

Jennifer Barringer speaks about Spector being a very bright man, and his stoic behavior.

That's it. I'm off to get a ride home.

5:55 pm: I'm home but it appears my hard drive on my laptop has died. I'm on Mr. Sprocket's computer. Be back in a moment for more.

6:31 pm: Well, it looks like when I dropped my computer in the courtroom a few days ago, that's when I probably damaged my hard drive. It finally gave out when I got home this evening. After court, we went directly to look at trucks for Mr. Sprocket. He really wants this truck he test drove this evening. He just left for FRY'S to buy me a new hard drive. I will lose all that was on the desktop but I think I can live with that. Fortunately, I won't have to buy a new computer. It's something that's fixable.

I will be on TALK RADIO ONE tonight at 8:00 pm. And the other news is, Dominick Dunne called me just as we got home. He wanted to know everything, so I gave him a blow by blow of what happened in court. There are people reporting that Rachelle was crying. I was not in a position to see her face so I do not know if that is true or not. What I do have a memory of, is Spector's son, Donte, putting his head in his hands directly after the verdict was read.

Spector was not immediately put in handcuffs in the courtroom. He was led to the door that takes the convict to the holding cell/jail area.

7:04 pm: Out in the hallway around 1:20pm the reporters were gathering. It was getting very busy in that hallway. Not long before, most of Lana's girlfriends were here and I decided I would go over to them to say hello. Maryanne and another girlfriend got up from their seats and hugged me. They thanked me for my reporting on the case. I had to pull away because I was starting to cry, just feeling the weight of the enormity of what her friends had gone through. Everyone was on pins and needles.

Some of you have asked how I feel. I will say that when the verdict was read, it was eerie. It was a relief but at the same time it was quite sad. Spector created so much in the music industry and now that will forever be overshadowed by the fact that he is now a convicted murderer.

CORRECTION! Sentencing is May 29th, a Friday at 11 am.

Answering a comment: Hopefully, I will attend the sentencing.

Answering a comment: Of course it's sad because a bright, much loved woman was killed. That's a given.

8:00 pm: TALK RADIO ONE starts now!


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Greg said...

verdict read at 2:30 pacific.

Here's another feed that will work.

Las Vegas, NV

Anonymous said...

KCAL 9 is streaming live and will go live to the verdict on the air as well

that's the live feed link.

channel 9 for locals

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe from Los Angeles Trials:

Nice to hear from you! A bunch of us left comments on your blog. Please go back and check and I hope you post something new !!

cocobaby said...

Wish I was there!!!! I so hope he gets convicted this time!!!!

Greg said...

Poor Sprocket. Lap top low on fuel and SO MUCH is happening in her orbit.

Here is the best link I've found.
This should work no matter what operating system you are using.

Las Vegas, NV

Unknown said...

How does he look, Sprocket? Does he look nervous?

Anonymous said...

Live feed at

Chelsea said...

Sprocket, your coverage from inside the courtroom while they wait is...nothing short of AMAZING....Take THAT CNN!!

Anonymous said...

Inside the courtroom: 9 armed sheriff's deputies; about 80 spectators/media/family members; prosecution and defense team.


Denny Colvin said...

Thank you, Sprocket!

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, you scooped them all. Thank you for all your great coverage.

And thank God for the M2 verdict.

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I would have rather it been GUILTY OF FIRST DEGREE MURDER. But I'll take this. I hope the judge sentences him as long as possible!


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YES!!! Murder 2!


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There is a God. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Lana, you may now Rest In Peace.

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No live pictures - what was Spector's expressions Sprocket?????

Patsy said...

Justice at last for Lana. Thanks for your excellent coverage, Sprocket.

Anonymous said...

quilty.. thank you Truc Do.. Alan Jackson.. and Sprocketand the jury

Anonymous said...

Guilty M2! Never let this dangerous being out of jail.

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CNN headline news is talking about it

caroleigh said...

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

Thank God

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Justice has been served! Amen!

Big Fella said...

Nice reporting, no one is broadcasting this live via broadcast or cable TV

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I love it that Jackson is now calling Spector a convict!!


Unknown said...

OK, it's official. GUILTY. 2nd Degree MURDER. Let's see what the sentence is... I say again. GUILTY!

The Observer-Los Angeles Trials said...

Your coverage beat any news outlet
Thank you!!!! Bye Bye Phillie

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Justice finally! Bless Pat Dixon, Alan Jackson & Truc Do ... and all those who fight for justice every day of their lives.

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REMAND!! Sprocket scoops everyone with this news!!

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Thanks Sprocket, you really rock!!!

Summer's Mom said...

OK, everyone, the "Hallelujah" chorus now- all together!

NO, crazy guys, you can't force a woman to give a gun a blowjob, get her killed, and walk away from it because you're rich and famous and can buy a defense.

Honestly, this is one woman who actually feels just a little safer right this minute...

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O HAPPY DAY! Yes, go straight to jail.

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Thank Heaven for Sprocket! Please keep the info coming as there was NO LIVE VIDEO anywhere!!!!!


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this is wonderful news. We have justice. How many lives were ruined because of this little troll? I am sure that it is a very bitter sweet day for the Clarksons. Maybe now, some measure of healing can begin.
Thank you a millions times over Sprocket...You are the bomb!

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Sprocket - great work - you were the first to report everything today. I had about 6 news windows open and some claimed they had reporters inside the courtroom texting them - they were about 20 minutes behind. You are absolutely positively perfection and i truly appreciate your dedication and hard work!

woodmaster said...

YES there is justice for Lana in CA. I hoped it would come true.
Sprocket you dont know how much we all appreciate you and your reporting. I wish I could have afforded to send you more money because you are worth it.
Thank You !!!!

Big Fella said...

Unbelievable, no one in the L.A. local market broadcastm this live. KCAL lead with the imminent verdict at their 2:00 P.M. newscast, then ignored the story until 2:25 when they teased with "Spector guilty" and went to commercial.

MSNBC did not break in to "Hardball", nor did TRUtv break in to their programming. Nothing on the local ABC, NBC or CBS outlets.

Sprocket has scooped the big broadcast boys. Kudos.

Jeffrey Lebowski said...

Far fucking out man.

Las Vegas, NV

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Sprocket, how did PS react to the verdict? How did RS react?

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Thank you Mrs Sprocket.........for everything.

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Remanded to custody! YES!

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Sprocket, are you seeing the problems with the video feed? They can't get a signal...

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Thanks for your hard work, Sprocket. It is a good day for justice.

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Thank you so much for your live coverage. I had multiple windows open with supposed live feeds and
I'll tell ya, you were actually live.

The 'legit' media trailed behind your reporting. Thanks again and I hope you can enjoy getting back to your sewing.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC SUCKS I waited and waited and they didn't show the feed.

woodmaster said...

I bet he commits suicide before he ever gets sentenced. I just hope Lanas family can find peace and some source of satisfaction out of this and thanks to Allan Jackson and crew he is one awesome dude.
Thanks again Sprocket may your sewing needle always stay straight.

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Best news evah!!!!!!!

Thanks Sprocket. You ROCK. Also, thank Mr. Sprocket for all his support.

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Finally, justice for Lana. Thank you, Sprocket, for your coverage and your dedication - you did, indeed, scoop the big boys!

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Sprocket, they are setting up live outside the courtroom after the verdict was read. There was a young lady standing by the elevators in a purple sweater (maybe a blouse), jeans with a black scarf. She also was carrying a laptop speaking on her cell phone. Was that YOU?! She had dark hair.

cocobaby said...

Check out the picture of Phil on It's priceless!!!

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Since we couldn't get any VIDEO or LIVE FEED Sprocket, do you know if anyone will have any still photos?

YOU OUT SHINED THEM ALL SPROCKET!!! KUDOS!!!!! Even their so called live audio reports were at least 5-10 minutes behind you!!!

Bastrop Bad Hair said...

Thank God for the verdict and thank God the judge decided to remand. Only one step remains for justice to be done for Lana, and that is a long sentence in prison. Well done, prosecutors!

I've been watching, via this website particularly during this second trial, this case languish for years. Justice for Lana!

Texas murder prosecutor

Anonymous said...

Cocobaby - thanks and LOLOLOL!!!
What a pic of Speck!!!

Anonymous said...

Anything live anywhere of the presser??? Anyone?

Anonymous said...


To the jury: Bless you all for having the wisdom to see what everyone in the world already saw. Thank you for your endurance and common sense, patience and hard work.

To Sprocket and friends: Thank you so much for bringing this trial to the public, enduring many, many hardships to faithfully blog. Thank you for the lost sleep, sacrifice of income and personal life.

To Truc Do and Alan Jackson: THANK YOU FOR YOUR STELLAR PROSECUTION! Awesome team of dedicated professionals who were never deterred from the difficult job of seeking justice for Lana Clarkson.

To Lana: Rest in peace, unperturbed by the rumors of suicide when your life was stolen by a psychopathic rich celebrity without a conscience.

Anonymous said...

What's next? Appeal?

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, ever since Harriet Ryan wrote that Lana worked at a "Sunset Strip club," I've been noticing other articles that say "an L.A. strip club," notably USA Today.

Is there any way to get that corrected? It leaves the wrong impression of where Lana worked.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket....we luv ya. Where can one write to Philly? Is he at the local jail? And, how long will he be at the new Chateau? Until sentencing, I would think? Where does the little jail room lead out to? Thank you, Sprocket....only 1,000,000 x's. By the way...speaking of a million...what happens to the bond money? Does he get it back?

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Will there be any way to contact Spector will awaiting sentencing? You may not know, just thought that I would ask.

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Live video- spector verdict:

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Well Good Monday was truly good in this case....just got back into town after a 3-hr drive and did not hear anything about this on my CNN/Siruis radio in my ride....thanks Sprocket. (I think the Somali pirate story is overshadowing this one today).

I hope everyone will make a donation via PayPal for the efforts made for us all.
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where I could see the replay of the live feed. Thanks

woodmaster said...

I cant wait to see how he looks in orange when he gets sentenced if he is still alive by then.
Thanks again to everyone that helped with the coverage Sprocket, your so special !!!

CaliGirl9 said...

The usual procedure for a newly-remanded inmate is he or she is first taken to the county jail, and within 30 days transported to a California Department of Corrections intake facility. One such facility is in Chino at the California Institution for Men. Prison authorities will determine the best "permanent" prison for the inmate based upon medical needs, crime committed, need for special protection or handling, etc.

There is the real possibility that Spector will remain in SoCal because of the civil trial.

(I used to work in corrections, that's how I know this.)

Anonymous said...

almost everyone lived happily ever after

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a very BIG thanks from the UK for covering this trial Sprocket. Without you we wouldn't have had the constant updates of the trial, etc. I have appreciated your very neutral posts and descriptive blogs and wish you and Mr Sprocket all the best for the future. I will look out for you and hope I get to read some of your excellent posts in the future.

Anonymous said...

Again Top notch job Sprocket !!!

Trumped the mainstream all the way.

Am I the only one that feels a little bit sorry for Phil being that almost any sentence will be in effect life sentence ?

On the other hand If the verdict brings some comfort to Lanas family then it is obviously difficult to argue against.

I suppose what I am saying is I feel it is a tragedy from all angles.

Anonymous said...

I thought Weinberg started off Ok and then descended into whining. Saying things like "pressure to convict" and criticizing the judge's rulings. And then going into "Why did THEY talk about how much we paid defense witnesses when they were flying witnesses around the world?"
He sounded about eight years old in the middle of a playground fight. From what I hear that's what it was like between him and Jackson.

Anyway Weinberg is off to San Mateo in four weeks to represent alleged (cough, cough) child molester Dr. William Ayres. Can't wait.

Hope you can cover the Ayres trial.

Thanks so much for your coverage.

Christine said...

Sprocket, Thank you for all your great reporting.

I am very glad and relieved that the US justice system worked, that people were able to see the forest for the trees, and that they worked together for a just verdict.

It brought tears to my eyes, after all the waiting and fretting for fear that justice would not be done...

It is a relief for everyone. It doesn't bring Lana back or make things right, but it's the best outcome that could have occurred.

Your reporting has been appreciated by so many, thank you for being a very human reporter.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket 263 comments and counting... Thank you so much for all the hard work and generosity (e-mail of verdict). As always it has been a pleasure to follow this trial with you. I will stay tuned to your updates and of course the sentencing. Enjoy some much needed rest. Justice at last for Lana and her family and the many friends old and new that have come to know her.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket I know you are exhausted from todays events. Thank you for your time covering this when none of the T.V. stations would. Did you see how Rachelle reacted when the guilty verdict came down? I am so happy justice was served. Have a good night and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I hope now you will talk of some of the intimidation tactics --

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket! I've missed so much. Thank God this jury got it right... Love, Exspectorant :)

Anonymous said...

Sprocket cant't thank you enough for bringing us into the court room today for the verdict. I cried as I read your observations, it was a long 5 months we all spent together, then another year to that. But for Lana's family five long years. Finally Justice, and PS in cuffs. Where he belongs, as he is a danger to society. Hoping the sound that bounces from the cell walls drives him to his grave.
PS can have his wall of sound, and it won't be silence or musical in any shape or form that he knows.
This is the sound of Justice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I bet you are out celebrating tonite.

I thought the defendant had to stand at the reading of the verdict. Guess that is not the case.

You know I flipped back and forth the 3 network news casts and nothing! Jane Valez-Mitchell had a piece during the "newsbreak" but that is about 15 seconds long and they showed old video from PS1.

Nothing like Betsy coverage...thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Phil.

Anonymous said...

This case is comming back.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised how well-spoken ol' Whino-O was at the microphone. I was expecting some high-nasal with a Brooklyn accent.

It is my understanding that PS can opt-out of attending the civil case if he wants to waive the right. Why should he even put up a defense on that one, to my way of thinking. It's one thing to be optimistic, but a little realism would be in order at this point. Does he think he can beat the claim in that civil complaint? Pity those attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Betsy .. A big "Thank You!" from all corners of the US ... and many corners of the world! You scooped the big boys ... even while we were watching "live feed" ... (that gave me a little teehee as NBC was telling me no judge and no jury in room ... and you were telling me Guilty Second Degree!) You go girl! And thanks so much! I found you seeking justice for Lana ... and will now be a loyal follower for other trials seeking justice. I pray that Lana and the Clarkson family can find some semblance of peace now ... And bless the jurors who were drawn into this unknowing and thankless job ... and gave this verdict the respect and thoughtfulness that any trial deserves. While I call it a "thankless job" ... I am thankful to them! Bless you jurors, DAs, and Betsy! Job Well Done by all of you!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they will let him wear his big "Obama rocks!" button on the jail uniform?
That whole button-thing is nutty. Can you imagine a murder suspect wearing "Nixon's the One!" during a trial circa 1969?

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, after the verdict I was sure you had to be on Talk Radio tonight .... and sure enough you were. I can't wait and I hope that they open the phone lines for questions. I have a question...I do you feel...after the the last two trials...verdict guilty and with the gun charge. I know you felt he was guilty as myself but so much time was taken out of your life...given for the rest of us...but how do you feel?


Sedonia Sunset said...

Anonymous said...
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Phil.

Anonymous said...

Now I hope they turn their attention to James Pex re:perjury. This should not be allowed to slip by, lest he turn up in some OTHER trial with his bag of tricks.

Sedonia Sunset said...

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that PS can opt-out of attending the civil case if he wants to waive the right. Why should he even put up a defense on that one, to my way of thinking. It's one thing to be optimistic, but a little realism would be in order at this point. Does he think he can beat the claim in that civil complaint? Pity those attorneys.
I think he WILL fight it, and here's why: it will cost him a lot of money and he doesn't want the Clarkson family to get any more than he can control. I'm basing that on something his son, Gary, said on a Court TV forum during the first trial in response to people talking about Spector's large defense team and expensive experts.

I've also had something in the back of my mind today about that party at Spector's house on Easter. It was probably a good-bye party. I'm wondering if he gave away a lot of money to people during that party.

Cathy said...

Thanks Spocket for being our eyes and ears at the Trial. Great reporting. I do believe that justice has finally prevailed. Sorry to read about your laptop, Screen and now hard drive.

Thanks again

Sedonia Sunset said...

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they will let him wear his big "Obama rocks!" button on the jail uniform?
I'm surprised he was allowed to have ANYTHING pinned to his lapel. WAS it pinned or did it have to be clipped or otherwise fastened? I haven't worn a "button" for anything in so long that I have no idea if they still use the old, SHARP pins to hold them in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sprocket, CaliGirl9, ritanita and donchais:

Thank each of you for your tireless efforts to bring a robust report of the Spector Trial as well as so many other cases that are reported/analyzed here. I have so enjoyed tuning in everyday to learn the latest details that were reported in no other media. These items might seem inconsequential to mainstream media, but this community really did want to know which individuals appeared in court each day.

Thank you again, from those of us living in other parts of the country, as well as the globe, for a job WELL DONE!

Donna in Louisiana

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, will you be covering the sentencing ? and other future developments e.g. appeals etc

Sedonia Sunset said...

Anonymous said:
And bless the jurors who were drawn into this unknowing and thankless job
Absolutely! It didn't occur to me until seeing your post that now the jurors CAN read Trials & Tribulations!

Maybe now they can find out some of what they weren't ALLOWED to know during the trial. For instance, there were far MORE people (especially women) that Spector has allegedly threatened with guns. Originally (in preparation for the first trial) the prosecution wanted to introduce either 14 or 19 women to testify (I can never remember which), but the judge made them whittle the choice down to 5 women that fit the criteria of a certain time period, rejected romantic gestures, and forcing the women to stay at gunpoint. It is absolutely ASTOUNDING that what happened to Lana at Spector's hand did not happen to someone else sooner.

Anonymous said...

I just need to make sure about one thing...did this trial start on Sept 29TH?

Thanks Curlyjo

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, I can't thank you enough for keeping the public informed on this case. As there was virtually no media or press coverage during the trial and even at the VERDICT!!You are the star reporter. I don't know how you managed to do it all, you must be superwoman.

Chelsea said...

Sprocket, you scooped them all...
It was down right thrilling to follow your coverage today..
you didn't miss a beat.
I honestly felt like I was in the courtroom...
or at least out in the hall, with all the other people wearing white Verizon hard hats! :-)

I can't urge everyone enough, to donate what you can to this amazing reporter.
It's been a priviledge.


Anonymous said...


I have mixed emotions. I am so happy with the verdict! I also feel a bit sad and lonely. For several months now I have my morning cup(s) of coffee with you and the group. I am going to miss that. I hope that we can keep our community alive and thriving. Thanks to everyone for your perspective and opinions.


Anonymous said...

NYTimes is reporting:

"She was working as a hostess at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip when Mr. Spector visited, struck up a conversation and took her out drinking.

They finished the night at his mansion, known as the Castle, but, when she spurned his advances and tried to leave, he shoved a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger, prosecutors said."

Anonymous said...

I disagree with those who say it is sad because of Spector's contribution to the music world. I say it is sad because a human being was murdered. So what about his musical genius abilities. That all gets erased when you murder somebody. I could care less. I hope there is not some "backlash" of feeling sorry for this maniac. He deserves exactly what he got.

Sedonia Sunset said...

You can see his mugshot, taken TODAY, at It's hilarious!

The really ODD thing is ... I think he looks BETTER in that mugshot than he has for at least a couple of years! He still looks butt-ugly, but it's a slightly IMPROVED butt-ugly. He doesn't look as frail and, despite looking like a mindless carp, he actually looks more alert and YOUNGER than he has in a long time. Maybe his meds were wearing off. Or maybe he's just relieved he doesn't have to put on the frail old man act in order to play the sympathy card with the jury.

Chelsea said...

Phil's Mugshot

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, I hope you'll think about continuing to blog for us, even if it's just about the minutae of your daily life. I don't think you can cut us off cold turkey!

Carol L Beck said...

So whatcha got to say about California juries now? I for one am proud of the work they did for the people of California. They did a thorough job, went over ALL of the evidence and did their jobs. That is all we can ask of them.

Thank you jurors for your time, commitment and doing what was asked of you. I'm sure it was no easy job, but it was a job well done.


Anonymous said...

Betsy you were great on the radio again tonite. For the people who did not hear it, you may want to describe the intimidation tactics by the nitwit and others. What a class-less act!
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

He won't be singing about being "Misunderstood" anymore:

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, isn't it interesting that your laptop held out until you could get by without it, and also that the verdict came in the morning so you wouldn't miss it?

These "coincidences" are not surprising, though.

Hope to hear some follow up comments on it all, maybe anything else you hear as to being taken away etc.

For me it feels as if the air's lighter tonight, a heavy weight of tension removed.

best, Christine

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed there is not more coverage of the verdict for folks like me in Texas. I did see some footage of Spector early on standing by his attorney. He stuck his tongue out slowly and then yawned and I was reminded of a lizard. Please keep reporting about where more coverage is.

Anonymous said...

Yep the mug-shot is a tad scary. He must take a lot of medications. And where is the mugshot sans hairpiece?

Attorneys Riordon and Whine-O would do well to drop this loser. A jury of his peers found him guilty, they are just running up the meter with any additional filings. The longer they stay with this case, the more tarnish appears on their own reputations. I am not even sure that PS will continue to retain them, given the outcome to date.

For the movie version, how about Kate Hudson as Lana, and Sally Struthers can be PIE.

Anonymous said...

You know, I turned on TruTV this morning, thinking for sure they would be doing some coverage of this. Instead, it is a rerun on a case I watched a year ago. Boy, they sure don't have it on the ball when it comes to coverage of something current.

Anonymous said...

Great reporting Sprocket. Guess what Phil's fans (pretend) are doing today? Moving on to support another killer..Casey Anthony. You'll spot them right away.

Anonymous said...

Spector's mug shot has his hairpiece on. Does this mean it really is his own hair or is it possible that he somehow had this wig permanently attached to his bald head? I am not buying that is his real hair. Anyone know??

P.S. Thanks, Sprocket!! OMG...I used P.S. and it just hit me...those are Spector's initials! I will only use BTW from now on! lol

Anonymous said...

I had my TV on Headline News while I was waiting for Sprocket's report. HLN had said they would have the verdict, but they did not. When I refreshed T&T one more time, the verdict came on my computer screen. Sprocket is amazing! Thanks again for your work.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Lisa Bloom's last 20 min today are about Spector...

caroleigh said...

Good Morning Sprocket, we all slept a little bit better last night. We didn't even need live coverage, we had you, with a worn out hard drive, and low batteries, we still managed to hear it all.
Lisa was just on, Court TV allowed 12 minutes to the Phil Spector verdict. How gracious of them, instead of current news, they are replaying a very old but gruesome case.
Court TV has lost its mojo long ago, and here's my suggestion.
I think that you Sprocket, Beth, Catherine Crier, and Savannah and all the other reporters need to get together and have your own show. All those good reporters doing one show would be just fantastic .

a couple questions !
How come Phil Spector has his wig on for a mug shot ?
Is he allowed to wear his high heel shoes ?
Is he allowed visitors ?
Where is Phil Spector now?
Can you elaborate more on in Rochelle's reaction?

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. for your excellent coverage. You are the greatest

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, I just read somewhere online that Spector vitals are 5' and 140 pounds. Does he weigh 140 pounds? He appears on TV as if he is 5' tall and more around 100-110 pounds. Very thin and fragile. Just curious to your thoughts since you were able to see this convict in person

Anonymous said...

Sprocket,,Shotzie here You did a fantastic job as Usual. and I am jumping for JOY for Lana, I am so Glad you heard from Dominic I always worry about him since hearing he was ill..I watch his shows whenever they show it..I hope he can do one on this trial.
take care see you at J13

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we can have a discussion about hairpieces whilest we wait for the sentencing, lol.

I vaguely remember some scam-scandal 3 decades or more ago where someone was selling something to be permanently attached to the head, a wig or toupee. Ladies and gents, you cannot permanently cover over the epidermis without problems occurring!

I myself have had hair transplants. In truth, it is a skin graft with hair follicles intact. The hair grows when moved to the new location on the head. It is typically done where the hair recession is not too great, in my case I had a Richard Nixon hairline. I had 300 grafts over a years time. Totally bald men are not good candidates, the loss (the bald area) is too great and the "donor area" for transplantation is too sparse.

Now if we find out that is PS's real hair on his head, I am gonna go into shock.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of unfortunate, Sprocket, that there is now no way for the many blog readers to make any comment about the verdict or to read anything that happened after you left the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

I read PS is 5'5", not 5'even.

Anon at 9:16.....what do you mean blog readers cannot make a comment about the verdict? You are the 315th commenter!

caroleigh said...

Listen up everyone!
the creepy crawly has been crushed

And we need a victory dance in honor of A.J. and Truc Do
I wonder, if Rochelle would let us come over.............

Anonymous said...

Sprocket- Now that I've just come down off the ceiling I want to thank you yet one last time for all your work. I would have been utterly crazy (instead of just partially...) without having your blog to check into and to find the blow by blow info and verdict.

I was so elated yesterday that I lost my voice!

You were the only source of reporting for those of us who couldn't make it downtown. It was invaluable for us to have that. Can't tell you.

With deepest appreciation,

Pal of Lana

PS I too like the idea above of Beth Karas, Catherine Crier, yourself and others launching a criminal broadcast that ... actually COVERS the crime news in real time.

caroleigh said...

I watched with interest the jury forewoman on Fox this morning. Crying !
because of the pressure of deciding the fate of another person. I don't think Spector gave much thought when he pulled the trigger blowing away Lana Clarkson teeth, tongue, and mouth and life...........................................
I don't think Phil Spector found that to be a very painful decision! Think about that the next time jury forewoman!
she even mentioned that the....''paid for'', Weinberg was awesome! No wonder it took all this time! get a life lady..........

caroleigh said...

Again to Pal of Lana's,
the breakup of Court TV leaves a big open spots for some ingenuity. They keep running these old shows, and some of these reporters are just terrible, talking to fast, and getting lost in their statements.
A group like Sprocket.. Lisa.. Beth .. Catherine.... Savannah......... Jack............ Gloria
at El, would be lively, and have a great following...............
Court TV at least here in Mississippi, is off the air at 2:00 in the afternoon! My God the cases are just getting started!
Sprocket.............. what do you think?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering what happens to Spector next. Thrilled he has been held accountable, but addressing comments, here and elsewhere, about Bubba, etc., my BEST guess is that he will not be held in the open population. He has seemed to have medical needs, not excusing, and hey, if Paris Hilton is allowed to be in the 'hospital ward' or whatever it is called, this psycho man most certainly has a history of meds and needs. So, what I am saying, or more guessing, that he is not in the general population of wherever he is held, that he will be 'accommodated' in whatever there is for him, and that his attorney is going for him, if..IF, this attorney is like the rest in the first trial and walked away...happy to do so.

Not that any inceration will be easy for this sicko man, but for all of those who are rooting for
Bubba, I think he will be protected, at least to the ability possible.

Out The Comet's Ass said...

Thanks for the great reporting!

Anonymous said...

"Attorneys [Reardon] and [Weinberg] would do well to drop this loser. A jury of his peers found him guilty; they are just running up the meter with any additional filings. The longer they stay with this case, the more tarnish appears on their own reputations."

Please keep in mind that this is what these lawyers do. They represent accused and (in Reardon’s case mostly) convicted criminals. Their reputations are as professionals who excel in their respective felids (criminal trial work and criminal appellate law). If they worried about what some members of the public thought about criminal lawyers and their clients, they would not be in this line of work.

Dennis Reardon was primarily on board to prosecute any necessary appeal. Neither Weinberg nor Reardon are going anywhere until all appellate remedies are exhausted—if it takes Spector’s last dime.

Most when given the choice would rather be broke and free than rich and behind bars.

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