Thursday, October 16, 2008

Caylee Anthony Is Dead

~Caylee Anthony

A spokesman for the defense team told a national television news station that Casey’s young daughter Caylee is dead.

Todd Black, Baez's spokesman, was live on a phone interview on CNN Wednesday night when he said, "It's very difficult. This is a serious case involving not just the loss of the life of this little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen with Casey Anthony." He faltered slightly after saying the girl died.

Did Todd Black slip up?

Orlando Sentinel

Todd Black Interview with CNN

CNN Find Caylee Blog


Anonymous said...

I am quite sure she has passed. Precious little Caylee deserves more then she got and she deserves to be found and put to rest so she can be safe...finally. I am 110% sure SLEAZY BAEZ knows EXACTLY what went down. Because of the "CONFIDENTUALITY CLIENT LAW" he can keep that secret to his grave. If he believes his CLIENT why from the get go has he been preparing her for a MURDER 1 TRIAL? Look at the OJ murders I am sure that they all knew he did it as well. Sad but those things should have to be told. I guess now, as I stated yesterday, they are all going to start having to watch what they say and start answering tough questions from us out here in the real world that they point their fingers at daily. Also why do George and Cindy always refer to Caylee in the PAST TENSE? My grandaughter Caylee Marie Anthony "was" 3 years old. Does that make any sense? For them to CONSTANTLY BERATE AND INSIST she is still living they always say things in the past tense when talking about her. Do they think all of us out here in the real world are drinking the "CASEY KOOL-AID"? We are all hanging on their every word, move and antics. So they best maybe start shutting their mouths unless they want to get caught and then have to answer questions to the Local SHERIFF for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. I am sure MR. BLACK is eating some mud slung his way and he DESERVES to the Way he ripped MIKE GALANOS on Headline News. The media is not spinning this case as Casey, Baez, George, Cindy and Lee are all doing a FINE job themselves. They are the ones SPINNING it with their LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. Maybe they should drink some more "CASEY KOOL-AID" and see where it takes them in the end...


Anonymous said...

Is Mr.Black still working for them after that slip up? These people need to wake up, Caylee is looking down on them wondering why. She is in a better place now. She is out of the reach of Casey and Cindy's games. Games that they have played with each other there whole life. Caylee only had to endure two and half years of this, that part I'm sure is a blessing for her as sad as it is to say. What Casey has done to her she deserves what's coming her way, " A DEATH SENTENCE"

Susan said...

Why argue about Mr. Black? Caylee along with hundreds of other children are abuse and killed each year by their own family. The Anthony tragedy is not that unique. Each day, in the United States (and around the world) hundreds if not thousands of children are abused and sadly, many are killed.

This is not new. What makes this case heinous is the family and their inabiliyt to own up to their responsibility in this tragedy.

Cindy and George Anthony make things worse by proclaiming their daughter's innocence. They should have kept their mouths shut. If not for Casey, they should have done this for poor little Caylee, who obviously is deceased.

The entire Anthony story makes me sick and hopefully, one day I will get over it.

Anonymous said...

I keep Caylee in my prayers every day. That precious little face breaks my heart every time I see her.

Two things I don't understand...
1. Everyone keeps arguing about whether or not Casey deliberated murdered her daughter (if she is deceased) or whether it was an 'accident' whether an attempt to 'drug' her temporarily (outrageous in itself!!) or an accidental drowning. I don't know why this is even up for discussion! This is not a grieving Mother!! IF her daughter died as a result of some type of accident don't you think she - Casey - would have been destroyed?! Not celebrating at the local bars?! Please stop trying to decide if this was accidental! Accidental does not result in celebration!

2. Who in the world is paying for Caylee's legal fees?