Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New documents released in the case against Casey Anthony.

Many new documents were released today to the public under the Florida Sunshine Law. For those of you who would like to peruse them at your leisure, here are the links:

Anthony Home Photographs

Remains Scene Photographs

Evidence Reports For Submissions To FBI

Supplemental Report Released On 2-18-09

Sheriff's Office Evidence Property Forms

Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Reports

There is so much information out there to share, and it will take me a while to go through it all for myself.

There are two items, however, that I think are very telling:

Casey's Journal

There is a photograph of a journal written by Casey Anthony on June 21. The entry says:

-I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own judgement & know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see.

-This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow.

-I've made new friends that I really like. I've surrounded myself with good people. I am finally happy, let's just hope that it doesn't change.

Written approximately five days after Caylee was last seen, this entry certainly does not look like a person who is desperately searching for her "kidnapped" child. It certainly does not indicate the "grieving mother" that Casey has been portrayed to be by her family and attorneys. Aside from all the witnesses who can describe Casey's activities after Caylee went missing, this document is a clear indication of Casey's state of mind.

I've read through the second set of documents, Evidence Reports For Submissions To FBI, and found one short statement that will forever clear up the debate that has been raging among bloggers and message board posters:

"Based on the STR typing results, th DNA obtained from specimen Q18-1 (CAYLEE ANTHONY) could not have originated from a biologial offspring of the individual represented by specimen K9 (LEE ANTHONY)." Page 3788

Lee Anthony is NOT Caylee's father. Let's hope that settles things for some out there who have been vehement about that!

I've also just started reading the supplemental report and found the information about the letters that were found at the scene:

-pink letters that spelled the words: big, trouble, small, comes P. 3466
Would anybody like to guess what words are missing?
My guess is that the full statement would read: Big trouble comes in small packages.
Aside from what I've noted above, there are reports in the local media which outline many details emerging from the records. Here is the latest up-to-date reading list for those of you who want a quick review of the documents. The sites are going to be updating their articles as new information is discovered.

Orlando Sentinel

There are more documents to be released in the near future. Let's all hope that they help to achieve the justice Caylee deserves.


Anonymous said...

Once again, in her journal entry: 11 phrases, 10 of which start with "I", the other "This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time" having it's "I" pushed just a bit further...

Sad narcissic individual...


Anonymous said...

But no fingerprint report on the duck tape yet?

Anonymous said...

I think the words big, trouble, comes and small is actually meant to be if all the words were here as:

Big Trouble Comes from Small packages


From Small packages, Comes Big Trouble

Just my opinion but it fits with the midset were seeig of Casey's toward Caylee from he evidence so far.

I cried when I started to read the new docs today. I cannot fathom how a Mother could do this to her child, nor can I understand her Family lieing and covering up for her actions. I love my children but if one of them ever hurt my Grandchild I'd be 1st in line turning them in. You can still love and support your child when they do wrong without lieing, condoning and covering up for them.



ritanita said...

Nanouk, it is SO Casey. I is her favorite word.

Anonymous @ 11:58

I read the forensic reports. So far, no fingerprints for George, Lee, and Cindy. I'm wondering if there is more work being done on the duct tape.

Anna/Spydernweb, no matter how those words are arranged, they come up bad for Casey. I'm wondering if they found anything like those letters in the house. I'm just starting those reports.

Anonymous said...

I am confused...regarding the journal entry that Casey made on July 21. Wasn't Caylee last seen on or about June 16? Would the July 21 entry be after Cynthia had called the police and not just five days after Caylee was seen but rather more than a month after Caylee was last seen?

ritanita said...

Anonymous @ 1:07,

Thanks for pointing out my boo-boo. This entry was written June 21 and I've corrected it in the blog.

I am known to be calendarly impared!

Anonymous said...

Thank you RN!!!


Regarding Anna/Spydernweb's comment - I think you are right Anna, and believe it or not I am almost CERTAIN I saw a t-shirt like this last summer in the childrenswear section in Target! I remember because I bought a similar t-shirt for a friend's child.

Casey'ship is sunk! Might as well just lock her up now and throw away the key. Save the taxpayers of Florida the cost of a trial!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the police even have the rattlesnake the officer saw and was afraid of when Kronk first called. Amazing.

There is so much more evidence here to support the fact that Casey murdered Caylee then compared to Scott Peterson, JMO.

Please let little Caylee get justice for her horrible murder.

katfish said...

Ritanita, Thanks for the links.
I will go through this stuff myself, but I'm looking forward to your thoughts in a later post.
What I have heard so far is horrific...syringe in bag, stainless steel knife, duct tape on her mouth. Whatever she did to this poor baby, I hope she was sedated first. Monster!

CaliGirl9 said...

Looking at the photos from where Caylee's body was found just sickens me. That beautiful little girl should have spent last summer playing with dolls and growing up, instead of rotting in a garbage bag dumped on a lot.

A case study on Casey Anthony will be must-read material for me someday! As long as she doesn't make a dime off of it of course.

Anonymous said...

Reading Casey's journal entries about being happy just days after her child supposedly was abducted made me feel physically ill. IMHO, there's no doubt she did this horrible deed.

Too bad she didn't just let her parents adopt Caylee and get on with her partying lifestyle. What she did was absolutely unnecessary.

How could any human being, but especially a mother, wake up one day and actually go forward with the murder of a sweet, beautiful, innocent little child so that she could be free to drink booze, go dirty dancing, and participate in best body contests? Ice must run in her veins! Hopefully the justice system works and Casey Anthony never gets the opportunity to party again.