Friday, July 25, 2008

911 Tapes Released in Caylee Anthony Disappearance

In Ritanita's own words - Short and sweet... and sarcastic!

Guest Entry by Ritanita

Another day has passed and it’s another day without answers to where missing two-year-old Caylee Anthony is. But it has been a day in which the public has become aware of what was really happening at the time Caylee was reported missing. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released two 911 tapes placed by Cynthia Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother.

In the first call, Cindy is relatively calm, asking police to come and arrest her daughter, Casey for stealing a car and money. Oh, and her granddaughter is missing as well! One can see where her priorities were at that point. Her car, her money, oh, and the child.

Apparently, Casey had taken off a month earlier with the car and her mother’s credit cards, oh, and her two-year-old child. She was having a high old time spending her mother’s money and while telling her boyfriend that she was telecommuting for her job.

In the second call, Cindy is hysterical. She has just learned from her daughter that the child was "stolen" by the ephemeral "nanny" whose apartment hadn’t been lived in for months and whose picture Casey didn’t recognized when police presented her with pictures of women with the name she’d given.

Cindy also screams about the car and how it smelled like a dead body. Apparently, she hadn’t thought about the "pizza" ruse at that point.

What is most chilling, however, is that Caylee’s own mother continued the call and calmly explained the situation. If you read the charging affidavit, everything that Casey was saying in that 911 call was pretty much a lie. She must have had her story down pat by the time her mother found her.

There is a lot of denial here on the part of Cindy Anthony. She needs to get her wits about her and face reality as far as her daughter is concerned. She already knows Casey is a liar and a thief. She needs to rethink the "good mother" part as well. Cindy also needs to face the reality that there is a good chance her granddaughter may be dead.

911 Call - #1

911 Call - #2

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whimsical brainpan said...

"Cindy also needs to face the reality that there is a good chance her granddaughter may be dead."

Sad but true. If they are not abducted by relatives and back within 72 hours, chanes are a kidnapped/missing child is dead

Sprocket said...

LE recently released more text from the first 911 call that was captured when the call was being transferred:

Cindy Anthony: 'Cause my next thing will be down to child (inaudible) thing and we'll have a court order to get her. If that's the way you want to play, we'll do it and you'll never. . .

Casey Anthony: That's not the way I want to play. . .

Cindy Anthony: Well then you have. . .

Casey Anthony: Give me one more day.

Cindy Anthony: No, I'm not giving you another day, I've given you a month. . .

One has to wonder what Casey Anthony is specifically asking when she says, "Give me one more day." Is she referring to the stolen items, or is she referring to her missing child?

Another comment by Cindy Anthony that just blows my mind, can be heard when her mother says to her that the 911 operator wants to speak to her directly. And Cindy answers her mother with the following question:

"Why do they want to talk to me?"

WTF? WTF!!!! Your barely three year old child is missing and you don't understand WHY the 911 operator wants to speak to you DIRECTLY?

This is another BAD BREEDER folks. Lock this woman up and make sure she never has kids again.

Anakerie said...

This story has gotten more bizarre by the day. The grandmother can't keep her stories straight. The mother can't seem to care (about anything besides the fact that she is in JAIL.) The grandfather is virtually silent through everything.. What is next?

Unfortunately it's very hard to believe that that poor child is alive somewhere. And it's very hard to listen and watch Cindy and Casey's lawyer in their interviews.

Sprocket said...

A 13 minute jailhouse phone call between Cindy and Casey Anthony has just been released. Here's the text from

"Mom," Casey Anthony said. "I just saw your nice little cameo on TV."

"Which one?" Cindy Anthony said.

"What do you mean, which one?" Casey Anthony said.

"Which one?" Cindy Anthony said. "I did four different ones, and I haven't seen them all. I've only seen one or two so far."

"You don't know what my involvement is in (inaudible)?" Casey Anthony asked.

"Casey," Cindy Anthony said.
"Mom," Casey Anthony said.

"No, I don't know what you involvement is, sweetheart," Cindy Anthony said. "You are not telling me where she's at."

"Because I don't (expletive) know where she's at," Casey Anthony said. "You are kidding me."

"Casey, don't waste your call screaming and hollering at me," Cindy Anthony said.

"Whose fault is it you're sitting in jail?" Cindy Anthony said. "Are you blaming me you are sitting in the jail? Blame yourself for telling lies. What do you mean it is not your fault? What do you mean it's not your fault, sweetheart? If you would have told them the truth and not lied about everything..."

"Do me a favor and just tell me what Tony's number is," Casey Anthony said. "I don't want to talk to you. Forget it."

Thanks to Misswasabi for alerting me to the news report.

What are your thoughts T&T readers? What do you think has happened to little Caylee? Do you think her mother Casey Anthony knows where her daughter is?