Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brooke Bennett and Jessica’s Law

~Brooke Bennett

Yesterday, a rally for Jessica’s Law was held in Saint Albans, Vermont. Supporters of the law have gathered 12,000 signatures on the petition.

What really caught my eye were the following two statements:

"These cases need to be reviewed individually, however I think we need to have a minimum fifteen year mandatory sentence for pedophiles. Jessica's Law is 25 years. That's very aggressive... But we need to take steps to set up something that's mandatory for sentencing," said Maura Kelley, a substitute teacher who lives in Hinesburg.

For god’s sake, Ms. Kelly – it’s pedophilia – it’s the abuse of a vulnerable child and in this case, Brooke Bennett ended up dead! 25 years is VERY aggressive?

Vermont's legislature recently rejected mandatory sentencing, but did enact changes that include a possible life sentence for second-time child sex offenders.

A possible life sentence for second-time offenders? Let me get this straight, if your caught a SECOND time, we’ll get serious after TWO innocent children are harmed and/or murdered?

I am appalled!