Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brooke Bennett’s Death – Keep the Politics Out of it

~Brooke Bennett

On Monday, at a press conference, Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie urged Gov. James Douglas to call a special legislative session next month to urge passage of stronger laws against violent sex offenders.

Dubie also called for he passing of Jessica's Law, which features a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for sex offenses involving children.

That special session does not appear likely!

Douglas said he would not call for the session because Sen. Shumlin and Speaker Symington have made it very clear that they oppose an immediate special session for the purposes of strengthening our sex offender laws.

House Speaker and gubernatorial candidate Gaye Symington said a special session would be used to look into why the state's current laws "are not being enforced by the Douglas administration" before the Legislature moves to pass new laws.

OK, before we go any further – Dubie and Douglas are Republicans – Shumlin and Symington; Democrats.

Dubie claims he is not motivated by politics, rather the safety of Vermonters.

Nate Freeman, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, has accused the two Republicans of exploiting the case for political gain.

So, is Brooke’s life and death to be reduced to a political “hot potato”?

I think Brooke deserves far more respect.

I believe that Vermonters need stronger laws against sexual predators.

I say, “Get the politics off the table and do the responsible thing in Brooke’s memory!”