Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caylee Anthony – Where Is She?

~Caylee Anthony

Guest Entry by Ritanita

Another precious child is missing. The news reports coming out of Orlando, Florida have been constant and highly bizarre.

Caylee has been missing since June 5, June 9, sometime after Father’s Day on June 15th. Actually, nobody knows for sure, except perhaps for her mother, Casey Anthony, 22.

However, Casey isn’t talking. She’s in jail at the present moment while her family tries to raise the $50,000 it will take to have a bail-bondsman pay for her release. She’s sitting in jail because she lied to the police investigators and has lawyered up for her own protection.

Caylee’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony, has been doing the rounds of talk shows spouting a wide variety of contradictory statements and opinions about her granddaughter. In her appearance in the bond hearing before Orange Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland, she suddenly remembered that Caylee went with her to a nursing home to visit her father. The now-famous video of Caylee with a book sitting at a table was taped there on Father’s Day.

It has also been reported that cadaver dogs had hits on both the Anthony back yard and the car that was abandoned in front of a check-cashing business. Grandmother Cindy is adamant that it was a 12-day-old, no...she’s recently counted it out and made it perhaps 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19-day old pizza! Sorry lady, cadaver dogs do not hit on food.

The fact is this missing child case only goes from bad to worse. I sincerely hope legal authorities get this case moving along with the analysis of the hair and body fluids found in that car. I hope the police can track down exactly where and when this child was last seen alive. I hope she is found somewhere safe and sound, but my heart of hearts tells me this will not have a happy ending.

Caylee is just one of the thousands and thousands of missing children in this country. A quick trip to the site for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children brings that fact into harsh reality.

Thanks ritanita! The case gets stranger by the day and I have to wonder if little Caylee is still alive.

Orlando Sentinel


Sprocket said...

I'm going to say what most must be thinking: That grandmother is a fruitcake! There's something besides gray matter rattling around in that woman's head. Who in their right mind says something like this?

"Her plan was to get us all back together, and I think her plan has changed and I think that's what happened," said Cindy Anthony. "Her plan changed halfway through, and she doesn't know where it's at right now. I truly believe Casey knows who has Caylee but it's code name. That's why they can't find that person just yet."

Sounds to me like the entire family might have some screws loose.

Thanks to ritanita for passing on the full quote.

shari said...

I live here in Orlando and have been amazed at this grandmothers tall tales. Please everyone, listen to the 911 tapes that have just been released. These are as close as you will ever get to the truth. All parties have since changed their tunes and gotten their stories made up. Grandma wanted Casey busted for car theft and steling, and then even said herself that the car smelled like a dead body(911 tape)

ritanita said...


I'm appalled at the calls. They point out so much truth. I've already sent Donchais my thoughts, they may be up tomorow.