Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spector being sued, AGAIN!

Special thanks to Spydernweb2006 who alerted T&T to a new article on TMZ's website.

According to TMZ, it appears that Phil Spector may have missed dishing out biannual royalty payments to several former recording artists, who have all banded together to sue Spector collectively.

Courthouse News Service reports the suit, filed June 24 in New York Superior Court, Queens County, was brought by eight singers, comprising of members of The Ronettes, The Blue Jeans, Bobbie Soxx, and The Crystals. Included in the lawsuit are Darlene Love and Spector ex-wife Ronnie Greenfield who have both filed lawsuits against Spector for non-payment of royalties in the past. Both Love and Greenfield appeared at the TD Canada Trust Toronto Jazz Festival this past June and Love is currently appearing on Broadway in the musical Hairspray.

It appears that Spector hasn't learned from his past mistakes. Not only does he have a hard time parting with his cash to pay his hotel and legal bills (I hear through the grapevine that he still owes at least one former member of his defense team), Spector still has a problem paying his former singers for their hard work on the records he produced.

I hope these hard working ladies are able to collect, but there's a long line ahead of them.