Saturday, July 26, 2008

Caylee Anthony Disappearance: Casey's Brother, Lee, Interviewed

Here is an interview with Casey Anthony's brother, Lee right after visiting his sister in jail. He sounds quite grounded and (imo) should be the family's spokesperson.

Thank's to ritanita for the alert on this video.


Trench Reynolds said...

The brother is just as bad as the mother.

Sprocket said...

Hi Trench! Nice to see you dropped by.

I thought he "sounded" better than the grandmother who has been all over the map and in heavy denial about the fate of her grandchild.

Trench Reynolds said...

Great to be here.

It does seem that he's now falling in line with crazy grandma.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which crimebloggers (if any) do a lot of the "online persona" stuff now that steve huff has taken a break - but looking at casey anthony's myspace, she was posting pictures and making plans to go to the beach between june 31 and july made me sick.

Sprocket said...

Thank you C. Vaughn!

I've not seen the MySpace page. I would appreciate a link posted (break it up into too lines if it is long) or send to my email that you can find on my profile page.