Thursday, July 17, 2008

Al Franken Returns Phil Spector's Campaign Donations

It appears that even Al Franken, who is running on the Democratic ticket for Senator in Minnesota, doesn't want his name associated with Phil Spector as having donated to his campaign fund. Phil Spector made seven separate donations to Franken's fund and all have been returned. It probably doesn't look good to Franken's political supporters, for Al to be accepting donations from a creepy old gun waving misogynist on trial for murder.

But it does answer the question as to where Spector has been dropping his cash rather than pay his attorneys, his hotel bills and past due royalties to several singers.



Anonymous said...

So what's Obama going to do??
Spector gave him a good amount,
either through his own name or the names of his relatives.

Are you not amazed Obama seems to have no problem with this?

whimsical brainpan said...

Al Franken is one class act. I wish I lived in Minnesota so I could vote for him.

Sprocket said...

Hi Whim! Nice to see {{{you}}} here.