Monday, July 14, 2008

Phil Spector Retrial: Prosecutors Add Sixth Witness

In court papers filed today, prosecutors will add a sixth PBA witness, Norma Kemper, to their list who will testify that while having dinner with Spector at Dan Tanas in 1996, he displayed a gun after she spurned his sexual advances and said to her, "You know I could kill you right now." It wasn't until Spector's trial ended in a hung jury that investigators located this new witness.

Full story at LA

When you click on the link you will find that the story was written by new staff writer, Harriet Ryan. Harried joined the LA Times in early June of this year. T&T is very happy to see that Ms. Ryan landed at the LA Times. (I understand she's sitting near Andrew Blankenstein, another great writer I met at the Blake trial.) The LA Times is lucky to have her and it's In Sessions loss. I'm hoping this means that Ryan will be one of the journalists covering Spector's retrial for the LA Times.


katfish said...

I'm glad to hear that another PBA witness has been added. Phil Spector's pattern of behavior over the years of combining medication with alcohol and pulling guns when he didn't get his way is very significant! I don't think that 1000 PBA witnesses would have swayed juror #10 though.
Do you know when Judge Fidler will rule on these papers that Alan Jackson filed? I thought Diane Ogden was the most compelling PBA witness. It's so unfortunate that she died the way she did. I think the judge will preserve her dignity though, if he allows the video. He certainly did in life...I think that we and Bruce Cutler got a taste of just what kind of guy the judge is when he stopped B.C. from bashing Diane Ogden on the stand in trial #1. Were you in court that day? I'm attending my first murder trial soon. One of the 8people Nicholas Sheley killed on his "spree" here in Illinois and Missouri was here in my hometown. He is being held here in our county jail.

Sprocket said...

Hi Katfish! Nice to see you. Hope you are doing well.

It would be my best guess that these motions would be heard on July 29th. However, they could be heard before that if both sides and the court agrees to a new meeting before that date. I could be wrong but I don't think so. Weinberg would have to fly down and be there to represent his client. I don't think he could phone in his arguments ah la Dennis Riordan and the close ups of the Nortel phone, when they were hammering out jury instructions.

First off, we don't know "how" Ms. Ogden's testimony will come in. We know it can come in, we just don't know in what form. Whether it will be read by a neutral party, or the tape of that testimony shown to the jury.

Understand that the defense will fight tooth and nail to get the testimony read to the jury verses shown. Why is that? That's because the only thing they have to cross her with, is Bruce Cutler screaming at her and his "smack down" by the judge. You can place a good money bet that Spector's defense does not want that in front of the second jury. So look for those arguments from the defense.

Yes, I was in court that day when Cutler received his smack down. It effectively silenced him as far as participating in the rest of the trial.

That's great that you will be attending this trial. Will you take notes if it does go to trial, (do you know if he will be tried separately for all counts???) and if so, would you be willing to share them with T&T? Is there a possibility that this defendant will make a plea deal to save his own skin, avoiding the possibility of the death penalty?

katfish said...

Hi Sprocket,
IMO,The Bruce Cutler smackdown was only rivaled by A.J.'s opening statement leaving Cutler "feeling denuded". lol Will you be at court on July 29th?
I don't think any decisions have been made yet as far as how they will try Nicholas Sheley. His alleged murder spree went from Northwest Illinois down to St.Louis so it's really spreadout. His preliminary hearing here is July 21st. They have some pretty strong evidence against him here and the judge admonished him in a hearing last week that the death penalty may be on the table. Illinois has a moretorium on the death penalty. (after a significant number of people on deathrow in IL were exonerated a few years back.) Missouri still has the death penalty. I'll take notes if/when this goes to trial and will be happy to share with T&T. ;-)

Sprocket said...

Unless there is an earthquake, I will be there on 7/29.

Keep us posted about this trial you plan on attending.