Thursday, July 31, 2008

Human Remains Verified at Haut de la Garenne

~Lenny Harper

Forensic experts have been examining 65 milk teeth and more than 100 bone fragments found during the excavation at Haute de la Garenne.

Of the bone fragments, two have been identified – one from a child’s leg and the other from inside a child’s ear.

The condition of the teeth collected, indicate they came out after death.

Police believe they have the remains of at least five children – ages 4 to 11.

Police evidence indicates that the remains were burned and attempts to conceal them were made in the 1960’s or 1970’s.

DCO Lenny Harper told the BBC: "We were pinning our hopes on the process of carbon dating.”

"The latest information we're getting is that for the period we're looking at, it's not going to be possible to give us an exact time of death."

"The indications are that if the results come back the same way as they have now it is obvious there won't be a homicide inquiry.

"We cannot get away from the fact that we have found the remains of at least five children there.

"But at the end of the day there just might not be the evidence to mount a homicide inquiry in an attempt to bring anybody to justice."

Harper said the evidence "substantially corroborate" accounts of abuse at the home from those who have come forward in past months.

Harper will be retiring in a few weeks bringing his participation in the investigation to an end.