Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brooke Bennett’s Former Stepfather Indicted

~Brooke Bennett

Ray Gagnon, Brooke Bennett’s former stepfather was indicted yesterday by a
federal grand jury in San Antonio, Texas. He was charged with transporting child pornography in April 2007, as well as possessing a computer with child pornography on July 1.

Gagnon also faces obstruction charges in Brooke’s disappearance. He is accused of having a friend throw out his laptop while investigators where searching for Brooke.

Brooke’s uncle, Michael Jacques has been charged with kidnapping and may face murder charges when the autopsy findings are completed.

In the meantime, the finger pointing and accusations continue to fly in the legislature. A bipartisan group including: Sen. Richard Sears, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, and Sen. Kevin Mullin have announced plans for an investigation. Over the next few months, they will hold hearings into the multitude of issues surrounding Brooke’s death and the history of her uncle, Michael Jacques.

A one-to-two day session will not fix the child protection laws in Vermont. Sure, some legislation could be put place, but the complexity of issues in Brooke’s kidnapping and murder are going to take some time to solve.

Democrats and Republicans need to stop sniping and accusing each other for failing Brooke and they need to stop blocking passage of the tough legislation needed.

They all failed Brooke!