Saturday, July 26, 2008

Caylee Anthony - Family Visits Jail

~Caylee Anthony

She was arrested more than a week ago. For the first time yesterday afternoon, Cindy and George Anthony visited Casey Anthony in jail. Casey’s brother, Lee was also present.

Lee said Casey says Caylee is alive; Caylee is okay.

Lee also said that Casey worked at Universal Studios, but was a contract employee with Kodak, and later Colorvision, so no Universal records would show she worked there. He said Casey met the mysterious Zenaida through co-workers.

Casey also had her visit from her lawyer, Jose Baez. He and investigators had their first face-to-face meeting yesterday.

On Thursday Cindy Anthony said, "We know where she's at. "Based on two more tips yesterday, two more sightings of Caylee in Georgia as late as two nights ago, makes me very hopeful."

She pled with the person she believes has Caylee to turn back. "Please don't take her further into the mountains. It looks like she's headed northeast in Georgia close to the North Carolina border. ... This is all very encouraging right now."

"I want people to look at Caylee’s picture and picture her as having blond hair right now," Cindy Anthony said. Caylee, shown in pictures, has brown hair.

Anthony said that the people who said they spotted Caylee called police and then contacted her.

Investigators said the tips lacked crucial details.

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shari said...

This child is no longer with us I am afraid and the family is in such denial about their daughters involvement. The mother of this child is so self centered and psycho that all she cares about is herself. The family will come to grips hopefully when the childs body surfaces...unfortunately.