Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stuart Syvret on Confirmation of Human Remains at Haut de la Garenne

~Stuart Syvret outside Haut de la Garenne

With the sad confirmation of the remains of at least five children gathered from the 150 tons of debris hand-sifted by investigators - who knows how many more - many of us following the story are deeply devastated.

Lenny Harper and Stuart Syvret have done an outstanding job for the victims of abuse in Jersey and by default, around the globe!

We may not get the prosecutions we so hope for due to the "oligarchy" and it's contemptuous, incestuous, good-old-boy network way of dealing with anything of import to the decent folk of Jersey, but by God, we have exposed them for the bottom-feeders they are!

Stuart said yesterday: "With or without a murder probe it was important to remember the horrendous abuse that occurred."

He said: "I was hoping throughout the whole episode that the police would be able to prove that there had been no child killings."

"I know from speaking to survivors of the appalling abuse that occurred. The abuse aspect was quite appalling enough without children dying."

"But it's very important to try and get across the message that it isn't just the possibility of child deaths that is involved here. There was systematic and monstrous abuse carried out at that institution and others in Jersey."

I applaud Stuart and Lenny for their unwavering efforts on behalf of abuse victims, for withstanding the salacious and indecent attacks on their characters and for having the courage to continue the good fight despite the threats of physical attacks on their well-being.