Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spector Hearing Rulings Today

Judge Fidler ruled that Lynne Herald and Steve Renteria can be used in Spector Redeux as it is up to the jurors to decide the weight of the evidence by the experts from either side.

The double jeopardy motion by the defense was thrown out!

Some motions, such as Dr. Pena's testimony have been held over till August 14th.

No ruling on the Diane Ogden cause of death yet.

TRIAL DATE MOVED - October 2nd and 3rd - 150 potential jurors will be polled for interview each day as in the last trial.

October 15th - Voir Dire to begin!

So, trial may not begin till November!

Truc Do - tiny Asian woman was at the prosecution table - Pat Dixon sat in the galley.

Sprocket will update shortly.

Correction: Voi Dire to begin on October 14th, not the 15th. Sprocket.


katfish said...

What happened to Chris Plourd? Wasn't the trial postponed before so he could participate in round 2? Maybe they feel they don't need someone to throw under the bus this time.???

Sprocket said...

Hi katfish!

As far as I know, Plourd is still on the case. He was not needed at this hearing for motions. Plourd will handle the "science" for the defense.

CaliGirl9 said...

Sprocket, did you see in this afternoon's LA Times Washington blog that Harvey was wearing a "Barack Obama Rocks" button at his hearing? LOL


Sprocket said...

I did not get that close to him to see it, so I missed that. If Harriet Ryan reported it, it's true. Spector was ranting a few months back on his MySpace page (now set to private after the threat to a sitting Judge debacle) about switching his support from Hillary to Obama. If you're one of his "friends" you can read it.

Anonymous said...

That must be an older photo from the previous hearing...
because we posted that at www.spectortrial.com weeks ago...

Sprocket said...

I will say that it doesn't look like the suit Spector was wearing today. I could have sworn it was solid black; no pinstripes. Then again, I was not very close to him this time to know for certain.

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