Friday, August 15, 2008

Casey Anthony - Of Cell Pings and Other Things

~Casey Anthony

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The news that cadaver dogs are searching the land around the Orlando airport ratchets up the case of missing toddler Caylee Anthony. Apparently, pings from this area off mother Casey’s cell phone have brought the police to the area to investigate. Since Casey won’t talk about her whereabouts in the days after her daughter’s disappearance, her cell phone will have to speak for her.

In a televised interview, Tony Lazzaro’s roommate, Clint House stated that he had not seen Caylee at Tony’s apartment since he returned from visiting his father on June 15th, Father’s Day. His information about Caylee and Casey tightens the time line. House also said that Casey would tell him and Tony that Caylee was with the "nanny" or with her parents from June 16th until July 1. He also verified that Casey was partying at Fusian on the 20th. It was there, he knew the photographer. He is an excellent potential witness.

Casey’s parents are showing the clear signs of the terrible strain they are under. George lashed out at the media yesterday for even suggesting that his granddaughter is dead. Cindy, ever the defender, went after the offending reporters with a vengeance, intimating that the media was hindering the investigation by frightening off people who want to report tips.

With all the latest signs of progress by law enforcement in their search and an ever-tightening time line, let us all hope that this case is resolved soon. While we always need to hold out the hope that the little girl is alive, as time goes by, the odds of her survival grow dimmer. Caylee’s grandparents need resolution as to what happened to their granddaughter. Casey’s "friends" who have been terribly deceived need to move on with their lives. Casey needs to face the music. Most of all, there needs to be justice for little Caylee.

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Unknown said...

I have a new amended theory... check it out and tell me what you think?!

WendyRose said...

I see past this media manipulation to a complex sequence of events leading up to a missing little Caylee. If each fact in this case was a card, we'd be playing poker with 1/2 a deck. We are basing our judgment of Casey Anthony upon how the Orange County Police and the story hungry media skew the facts. No one considers the reasons why Casey might have been misleading, or the possibility that she may be talking up a storm to her lawyer. We the public are completing a puzzle that is missing pieces. If those pieces do not fit……No problem, we’ll make them fit! Then we’ll say "LOOK~ She did x.y .z....LOOK, she doesn't cry"...etc.. This is just like the witch hunts. If Casey was 1% as good of a liar or manipulator that people say she is….. she’d have done a better job covering up the murder/accident of her daughter. Look past the finger pointing to the moon. Understand the only information being released is from the OCP. There are also 2 ex-boyfriends that have either left or retired from the police department that is currently leaking.. What about deducing a correlation with that information?
Just step back and listen to Jose Biaz. He’s a crappy entertainer, but a hell of a lawyer. I’m putting it on the line for Casey, hope I’m not let down.

God bless us Lord in finding Caylee Marie. You and you only know the truth. Lead us to her. Please satisfy our thirst for entertainment in order that we may treat this case not as a movie, but as a opportunity to learn from our own human nature.

PS - I'd rather live with the disappointment of extending the benifit of doubt and being wrong than the guilt of condemning an innocent person!

Anonymous said...

Rott in hell killer.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Casey gets everything that GOD has for her you reap what you sew and what goes around comes around...Carmas a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Ya know what, I do not think that Casey Anthony deserves the death penalty. I think that that would be too easy for what that peice of shit did to her own daughter. I think that she should either have to spend life in prison without parol followed by the death penalty, so she could sit there and think of what scum she was and then die, or she should have to let the same thing done to her. If she can brutily murder her own daughter than she should have to have the same thing done to her. I just hope that whatever happens to this evil and distgusting person is aweful. Casey Anthony, I hope you regret everything you have done.