Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vermont Court Giving Help To Michael Jacques!

~Michael Jacques

Monday, Judge William Sessions assigned a legal team from New Jersey to assist Jacques' public defender in the case. The husband and wife team have extensive experience in death penalty cases. None of their clients have ever been sentenced to death.

I have to say this really stunned me, but based on what’s being going on in Vermont since Brooke Bennett’s death, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise!

This is a repeat offender who allegedly kidnapped Brooke and presumably played a part in her death.

Conviction on the kidnapping could allow the death penalty and here Vermont wants to help out this pig!

In the meantime, Rensselaer County legislators, Stan Brownell and Lester Goodermote are calling on Vermont to pass tougher sex offender laws.

The New Yorkers called for the tougher laws after the arrest of a Vermont man in Hoosick Falls last week.

Ed O'Dell, 37, of Bennington, Vt., was arrested on Thursday for the attempted abduction of two girls and impersonating a police officer.

"There has recently been concern about the effectiveness of sex offender laws in Vermont. This arrest shows there is a need for our neighbor to approve tougher laws to protect all residents in the region," Brownell said Saturday.

"The incident in Hoosick Falls shows why Vermont's laws need to be tougher. We share a border, and we should also share laws that help protect our children from predators," Goodermote said.


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Anonymous said...

I will give a first time offender a second chance but a repeat offender. Bye, bye.
It is the offender who did not know their victim, The Violent offender and the repeat offender who are the most dangerous.
(8% of all new sex crimes are committed by family members and by those known to the family. Here is where PREVENTION through EDUCATION comes in play.
See an article on my web site entitled "Incest-A Family Tragedy"
Watch the short film clip and listen to an interview by the producer of this 12 prestigious award documentary on Blogtalkradio