Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Freezer Not First Grave Site for Preacher Hopkins' Wife, Arletha

A preliminary hearing was held in Mobile, Alabama today, where a Judge ruled there was probable cause for a grand jury investigation to charge Anthony Hopkins for the murder of his wife, Arletha. Hopkins has also been charged with sodomizing, raping and sexually abusing one of his eight children.

During testimony heard today, it was revealed that the freezer where Arletha was found was not her first grave. According to statements made to detectives by one of Hopkins's children, Arletha was first buried behind a church. Her body was later moved because Hopkins was not "at peace" with that grave site. The same child who was allegedly raped, described to detectives (who testified today) how Hopkins strangled their mother while she screamed for the children to call 911.

Hopkins is currently being housed in isolation, away from other prisoners in the Mobile Metro Jail.


Anonymous said...

She wasn't just buried behind any church - It was HIS church! The one where he preached his sermons each Sunday! Unbelievable!

Sprocket said...

Thanks for adding that clarification Kitty.