Sunday, August 3, 2008

The UK Played A Part In Haut de la Garenne

MP John Hemming has discovered his local city council sent children to Jersey and believes other children from the UK were also placed in care there.

At least five children were illegally placed in care on Jersey by Birmingham social services, which then lost track of them.

Four of the youngsters - who are now adults - are still on the island and have been traced by local police. But the whereabouts of the fifth, a male born in the Fifties, remains unknown.

Hemming also said: 'The Government has refused to order councils to check properly because it does not want to open a can of worms, on the links between abusers in England and Jersey.'

The Birmingham council found it made payments between 1960 and 1990 to Jersey for childcare. It found only one social work file on a single child; no other records exist.

Schools Minister Kevin Brennan has told the Commons that checks are unnecessary because children from the UK cannot be placed in care in Jersey without a court order. Yet the five Birmingham children were sent to Jersey without such orders.

Hemmings has called for all councils to check their records; some have flatly refused!

Key staff members of Islington in North London were from Jersey or had strong ties to Jersey. Islington council told Hemmings it would cost too much money to check its records! Islington suffered it’s own pornography and pedophile scandal.

Liz Davies, the former Islington senior social worker said: 'It is becoming clear that children at Haut de la Garenne were sent on holiday to children's homes in England which were also notorious for abuse, while the children in the English homes they went to were sent to Haut de la Garenne. They literally swapped beds.'

'Children in care are often shipped about, and pedophiles love placing them far from home.'

The Government has refused to the call for councils to check records until after the summer break!

Hemmings said: 'They are stalling because they are embarrassed by the size of the problem, and because it involves English authorities, too.'

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Anonymous said...

The British government still do play a part in the hushing up of the ongoing horrors.

Why has the British government not invoked the European laws on torture?

Why will Jack Straw not do anything?

Who in the uk are the counterparts of those in Jersey who are in the government, police, health service, schools, scouts and churches?

Why has the churches and ministers from every church in Jersey not been out marching like they recently did in the uk?

Why are secret societies and secret family courts needed?

What is it that the governments are afraid of?

If a pervert is writing law then the law at its foundation is perverted, this must not be allowed to continue.

If the politicians are writing the laws then they will be politically motivated thus not balanced, this also must never happen.

However only the good people of Jersey can change this and now that the UK has been inextricably linked by children who were sent there by British social services then we as country are duty bound to our own citizens and their children to take action.

Were waiting Jack Straw Minister for injustice, manipulating the world of the legal beagles and hiding the things the elite don't want the public to know.

Anonymous said...

The reluctance of UK officials to "interfere" in the Jersey legal process makes a bit more sense when one considers the possible complicity of mainland politicians and care givers.

At the very least, the reluctance of many UK social service staff and of their supervising political authorities to fully research their own care system records is extremely damning.

Either the UK has a clear ethical responsibility to those who were placed in harms way in Jersey, or they don't. They cannot just give lip service to the idea that Jersey alone is responsible for it's own legal proccess or pretend anyone has confidence in the Jersey system. No one does, and this story is too big, too horrible to be ignored by the rest of the world.

Shouldn't the alleged tranfer of vulnerable mainland children to HDLG legally obligate Jack Straw to establish independent oversight in bringing transparency and justice to this case?

donchais said...

Yes, it certainly should! At the very least, the victims - dead and living with this horror - are owed some truth and matter how difficult it is to take some sense of responsibility.

We, Jersey and the UK owe it to humanity!