Friday, August 22, 2008

Lenny Harper Slams Jersey’s Handling of Abuse Scandal

~Lenny Harper

Now that Lenny Harper is retired and off the island of Jersey he is speaking frankly to the media about the way the island's legal system is handling the scandal.

He blamed "inexplicable delays and decisions" by the States of Jersey lawyers for some cases failing to reach court.

So far, only three people have been charged in the Haut de la Garenne investigation yet there are more than 80 suspects being investigated.

A suspect’s file was given to the Attorney General’s office back in April and nothing has been done with it yet.

William Bailhache, Attorney General, said he would not comment on individual cases, but of the six files sent to his office three had resulted in charges, two are under review, and one is still the subject of police inquiries.

Harper told the BBC:…officers had to wait "months and months" for decisions, and the decision making process for prosecutors in Jersey seemed to be, "whenever, wherever".

Describing repeated delays in the legal process, he said there were a number of occasions where officers felt "the goalposts were being moved".

"If it hadn't have been for what I would see as inexplicable delays and decisions, then yes more people would be before the courts at the moment I believe," he said.

Mr. Harper also claimed the legal hierarchy in Jersey was "absolutely held in contempt by the vast majority of victims".

Harper faced serious obstruction and received numerous threats during his tenure as lead investigator. His retirement was certainly welcomed in some Jersey circles, yet for many, his departure brought renewed fears of doing things the “Jersey way” – if we close our eyes - we won’t see it!


Anonymous said...

An absolute disgrace.

Stinks of influence being exerted over Thomas by someone.

Further, the vision of the council of ministers rubbing their hands 'gleefully' because they have managed to move the blame is rather telling and another absolute bloody disgrace.

I hope this report reaches a much wider audience.

-Jancie Rodtdberrg