Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Casey Anthony – Strike One

Guest Entry by Ritanita


The state attorney’s office has filed charges of felony child neglect and making false statements to the authorities in the case of her missing child, Caylee. An arraignment is scheduled for August 21.

Caylee, whose third birthday is this coming Saturday, was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 16. Casey was arrested the following day after leading police on a futile search for the alleged nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez and "co-workers" at Universal. Police investigations have been stymied by Casey’s obvious lies.

Our buddy, Kathlb, hit the nail on the head:

That just hit me today when I heard what they charged her with. I was disappointed and then I thought wait a minute, that's smart. They now have time to try and force her to tell where the body is and don't have to tip their hand on the DNA evidence yet. Cool. And I don't think they are done either and want more time to get it together. I wonder if they have some evidence that the family helped her cover up. Possibly even with disposing of the body for her. That's just a guess of course, but eventually I think the final charges are going to be huge.

Still pending are the DNA and fingerprint results from the trunk of Casey’s car and gasoline cans turned over to investigators this week.

When these results are all put together, it is very possible that this will become a homicide case, with or without a body.

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Thank you ritanita and kathlb – you guys think of going professional?


Anakerie said...

I think the prosecutor's office was very smart when they chose the two easiest to prove crimes. The defense attorney will have an impossible task if he wants to try to prove her not guilty of the neglect charge and the lying to investigators. She's toast as far as those charges go. And with her charged with the obvious things, the investigators have plenty of time to put their ducks in a row on other charges. She's not going anywhere for a while...

shari said...

If anyone wants direct PDF files to the Anthony case...including investigators notes and search warrants...http://www.ocso.com/
This website is set up with links to follow for court records that in the state of Florida are totally open to the public. Sheriffs office updates to PDF almost daily

Anonymous said...

Did anyone check out alibis of Casey's brother, age 25, whom so cheerfully "acts" like a lawyer?