Thursday, August 7, 2008

PETA Hijacks Canadian Beheading Victim's Story

In a move I can only think of as unconscionable, PETA has latched onto the horrific death of Tim McLean in their latest ad campaign. I don't know if it was ironic or just pain sick when they tried to place the ad in the Portage La Prairie paper, The Daily Graphic.

According to news reports PETA is not backing down or apologizing for the ad. PETA has a history of shock advertising, but this latest stunt has reached a new low. PETA has consistently shown that their concern is more for animals than it is for human beings. No matter what your position is on vegetarianism, animal rights or PETA, I believe the family of Tim McLean should sue the fur off of PETA. Our hearts are with Tim's family and the continued suffering they are enduring by this outrageous exploitation of their loved one's death.

City has a link on their story where you can see the ad.


Anonymous said...

As bas as that ad is, something even worse !! Westboro baptist church is planning on attending the funeral on Saturday. Government has ordered that they be stopped at the Canadian border, but the spokeswoman says, most of the group is already in Winnipeg.

nter-protest against the church's picket plans was launched on the social networking site Facebook on Thursday. More than 700 people have since joined the group; postings indicate they plan to form a "human wall" around the family to shield them from the church protest, if it takes place."

Anonymous said...

Here's what bothers me about the anti-PETA crowd. You say, "PETA has consistently shown that their concern is more for animals than it is for human beings." How? Because they EQUATE the violence? Where are they advocating violence against humans? Where have they stated an official perference? No, this is typical spin-doctoring by people who don't want to admit that the meat industry is riddled with unnecessary cruelty, and that cruelty makes this incident, horrifying and surreal as it is, pale in comparison. Proof is all on tape. So before you listen to slanted statements meant to defame PETA, know HOW to read it, because, taken at face value, it's all propaganda.