Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spector Pre Trial Hearing - A Total Bust

Nothing was decided!!!!!

Defense claims prosecution didn't respond to motions.

Pros says the motions weren't worth responding to.

Defense claims they were blindsided by the new theory thrown at them -Pros motion for PBA's under new theory of Doctrine of Chance.

Fidler said this is a whole new trial and pros can present new theories.

We'll be back in court Sept 15th at 1:30pm!

Sprocket will update later!


Anonymous said...

Sprocket & Donchais thanks for the update..

sounds like a total waste, a complete yawner..

May I take this moment to urge people who post on this site to visit MB's site too?
The more interesting insights, the merrier. Thanks again for the update.

Sprocket said...

You're welcome John. I'll be putting up a more detailed entry about today's proceedings much later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Your updates are always much appreciated - many thanks