Friday, August 1, 2008

Casey Anthony, We’re Still Waiting – Where is Caylee?

~Casey Anthony

Musings by Ritanita

The person who really needs to be more forthcoming here is Caylee's mother. She is sitting in jail, spending her time pulling the strings of her lawyers and family. She is on a major power trip and it seems to me she is rather enjoying all the attention.

She surely isn't worried about her child. In all the phone calls that have been made public, there's not a single time where she has shown one bit of concern for the welfare of her daughter. Instead, she's sending cryptic messages to her family and telling them to figure it out for themselves. It's the same message she's sent to the investigators. She's given them "puzzle pieces" to put together and see the picture to "keep her family safe" from whomever she says has the child.

My question is, why would everybody be "safer" if they draw the "proper" conclusion and go in and rescue the child when she has it in her power to give them a straight answer and have the police go find the child?

The answer is so obvious. She knows where her child is, and there is no way for her to be rescued.

I listened to her brother Lee in his latest phone call. He sounded depressed and hopeless. He can't do any more for his sister until she gives him more information. And Casey? She's not gotten around to writing it all down yet. Why? Simple. If she writes anything down, she will be making her lies a permanent record. That permanent record may not go to the police, but it will put fact to her lies. She knows that there is nothing in written form that she can provide that will bring Caylee back.

Instead, Casey continues to weave her web of stories to protect herself. Casey is Casey's one-and-only concern here. I don't expect her brother will ever see that letter.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts and wonder what you think about the reports that Casey charged approximately $40,000 on her parents' credit cards without permission, allegedly? I don't trust any of these family members and wonder if they are in serious financial trouble and the credit card charges were part of a scheme they cooked up to bilk the credit card company? It just seems like a huge amount to charge, especially since Casey and Caylee were living with her parents in their home. What did she charge and on what dates? How did the parents find out and what if anything did they do about it?

Casey doesn't seem like a druggie and I haven't heard anything about such a problem. Someone suggested grandpa could have buried Caylee but I wonder if the credit card was used for a cash advance and the money paid to the alleged baby sitter to dispose of the body?

Also, was there a life insurance policy on Caylee?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea about the $45,000 credit card debt. One thing is for sure, the police have all the records for the credit card and are investigating them.

Casey took off for a so-called mini-vacation to "bond" with her daughter and wasn't home for about a month. Since she didn't have a job, I can only assume she used a credit card supplied by her parents.

There is no reason I have seen to suspect either grandparent in complicty with this case in terms of Caylee's disappearance.

shari said...

the grandparents have finally met with investigators and turned over some alleged "gas cans" from the backyard shed. All this does is prove that Casey stole gas for her car as they have said she has done in the past. They seem to be truly in denial about their daughter...but genuinely love their grand daughter. The appt. where the boyfriend lives is near an awful lot of woods...this I hope is being searched.

Anonymous said...

What I think is that Casey and grandad have the answer.
Grandma is suspicious, and that is why she appears to be offensive. Is the baby alive? I say probably. Some nice family has this child and soon the media will let it go so they can live thier lives. Wait and watch, this too will pass and grandma and grandpa can go on with thier lives also. I don't care how bad a parent you are, you will morn the loss of a child, and mom has not that....ever thought of that?