Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casey Strikes Out!

An Editorial by ritanita

Anthony remained jailed late Wednesday and will likely be released Thursday.

Yes, Casey Anthony is now out on bond after a week-long circus including Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire, Tony Padilla the Bondsman and various and sundry Florida bail bonds people. They’ve plunked down $50,000 and guaranteed the rest of the half-million bond. The other $200 in bonds are chump change for these dudes.

Now, Casey is going home to Mom and Dad. She’ll be welcomed like the Prodigal Daughter, at least at first. After all, except for a brief stop home on June 24 to get some clothes and have the stolen gas cans in the trunk of her car discovered by her father, they haven’t seen their Princess in person since July 16, the day she was arrested on charges of child abuse and not telling the truth, and nothing but to law enforcement officers.

What will Casey find when she gets home? First, there will be the monitoring device firmly clamped onto her ankle. There will be a new phone line in the house, just for her. Too bad she won’t be able to call her friends on it. Nope, that phone will just be there to keep her in the 150-foot radius.

Now, she could go out to the front yard. Whoops, no, she can’t. There are a bunch of reporters with their trucks and tents out front ready to get a scoop from her. She could also go into the back yard and take a swim in the pool. No, that might bring up some bad memories for her. She could dig the bamboo out. No, Caylee’s not around to step on it.

Next, there will be her bondsman baby-sitter to make sure she doesn’t run. Excuse me, Leonard Padilla said it was for her and her family’s safety! There are a lot of threats out there. Personally, I’m not worried about her security or her safety. The aforementioned press presence should thwart anyone who might want to get to her. The news helicopters overhead should keep the back yard safe, should she choose to venture there.

Of course, the 24/7 bondsman baby-sitter will need a place to sleep. I’m thinking he or she could sleep in Casey’s room. Casey can curl up in Caylee’s bed. She can spend her nights taking in all the toys and pictures of her missing child.

Then there’s the matter of Family Dynamics. We’ve all seen the meltdown of her parents. We can all agree that Cindy’s constant battles with the press were bizarre and frequently contradictory statements made for good news bites. Her father’s loss of composure at the thought that his granddaughter is dead was evident to all. These two people have had to deal with such a dichotomy. Deep down, they know that Caylee is dead. They both smelled the death-stench in the car. They both know their daughter is a foul-tempered liar. Yet, they feel the need to defend and support her.

We’ve listened to the 911 tapes and the tape of the call from Casey that first day in jail

"There is something wrong...I found my daughter's car today, it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car," Cindy Anthony yelled into the receiver.

"Whose fault is it you're sitting in jail?" Cindy Anthony said. "Are you blaming me you are sitting in the jail? Blame yourself for telling lies. What do you mean it is not your fault? What do you mean it's not your fault, sweetheart? If you would have told them the truth and not lied about everything..."

"Do me a favor and just tell me what Tony's number is," Casey Anthony said. "I don't want to talk to you. Forget it."

This is where you see the true family dynamics in action. This is what the bondsman baby-sitter will be able to observe in person once the short "honeymoon" period wears off.

Cindy and George will want to know the truth, and Casey won’t give it to them. She’ll repeat, ad infinitum, "Jose says I can’t talk to you about it." Tempers will flare. Hopefully, some truth will emerge in the emotional explosions. We can only hope.

I’ve come to the point in this case where I really don’t care about Casey and the Anthony family. Let them live out their own drama.

What I care about and where I’m putting my faith is in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. They have gone quietly about their business. They are not playing to the media and they’re keeping key evidence already in hand to themselves. I know that if Caylee is to have justice, they have it for her.

They aren’t giving Jose Baez anything upon which to hang his proverbial hat. On August 18, he stated on Greta VanSusteren when asked if there might be more charges added stated:

BAEZ: Well, if they're going to add the charges or increase them, our way of looking at it is -- you know, what we want to do is -- what could be a positive outcome of this is if they decide to file, obviously, more serious charges, we'd be forcing them to do something that they are not exactly ready to do yet. And any time you can get them to do something they don't want to do, it's certainly a wise move, and we're looking at that as a positive aspect of this.

Well, Jose, it didn’t work. You can have Casey "free" and they’re not going to give up any of their information to you until they’re good and ready!

Thanks to Kathlb for helping me find my info!

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Update by Sprocket:
A slew of press surrounded a silent lipped Casey Anthony as she was released from jail this morning. Will this latest publicity stunt by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla actually result in a resolution to this story and find missing Caylee? Time will tell.



Anonymous said...

Great job on the blog. You've stated it exactly right!

Tezi said...

This entry was great!!!! I love it!

shari said...

Living here in orlando, I truly hope the sheriffs office has their "ducks in a row" We have had alot of unsolved crime here. Everyone of the players in this drama has come out of the woodwork for the publicity. Lawyers, bondsman, etc. The Anthony family has also acted strangely. One minute Cindy Anthony wants all the press and the next minute she's furious at them. This missing child is such a tragedy that hopefully the sheriffs office will solve it. I DO have faith in Florida juries!!!