Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trial Coverage As We Want It!

As all you trial fans know, gavel-to-gavel coverage has been abysmal since the demise of CourtTV.

Several months ago, Michel Bryant took the bold initiative to fill the shoes of the deceased CourtTV and we are excitedly waiting for the launch!

Michel and team are working furiously to bring us not only gavel-to-gavel coverage, but also many, cool new features we have never had in the past.

Here’s an update from Michel:

The site you see is NOT the site we will launch. There are similarities but the site now in place is really just a placeholder so that we have the welcome video and some presence.

We've made so many changes I can't itemize them all, but we're on track for the OJ launch and we may load the new version a few days ahead of time to let you play. We had hoped to do that much earlier but...such is the dynamic nature of what we're attempting.

Thanks for your patience. It will be worth it.


So, hang in there folks – we’re almost there! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sprocket! So is this for a new "television" station or will this be a website for streaming live trial coverage? Thanks for always being such a fountain of information!!!

donchais said...

This is a website that will have some fabulous features to make trial watching interactive and exciting!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is a long way from operational. It sounds too good to be true.

Will they be able to make money to cover crews, costs and the other business expenses. They still have to turn a profit.

Court TV bailed for a reason, a lack of generated cold hard cash.

I must admit Court TV became really lame during the Scott Peterson case. Too much opinion and not enough coverage of the proceedings.

I wish Legal Edge well.

donchais said...

Anon 11:36am

Not sure why the negativity about being operational or the concern of how this is being financed, unless of course you have information to share!

I am sure Mr. Bryant will be pleased to know you wish he and his team well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sprocket-fabulous news. So glad someone is taking the initiative here and cares enough.

Off topic: Wasn't the Spector hearing today? Weren't they trying to go the Double Jeopardy route?
(, click on
Justice4 Ali's post under LINKS)
Results please!!

Anonymous said...

Court TV gave up covering trials because they lost money. This is a crapshoot for anyone!

court watchers are hardly a large audience.

donchais said...

Anon 2:pm

Did you perchance work for CourtTV?

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about the TLE endeavor! I believe CTV bailed because Ted Turner took over and is catering to the adolescent male audience with all those Beach Blanket Bimbo, Stoopid Mishaps, etc., reality shows. If you notice, they did keep a large number of court oriented programs still, which tells me that there IS an audience for trial-watching and true crime subjects.