Friday, August 29, 2008

Phil Spector's Attorney Defended Kiddie Pornographer Bernie Ward

I was so stunned when I finished reading this CNN.Crime article I immediately picked up the phone to call donchais and tell her that former talk show host, family man and now convicted child pornographer Bernie Ward, was represented by none other than Doron Weinberg. She was as stunned as I was. After she stopped laughing and composed herself, she replied, "Get Out!"

From the article:
Weinberg has said Ward downloaded the child porn for journalistic research.

"It's clear that it ended in a dark place," Weinberg said. "Bernie Ward is a good man."

Yeah, sounds like a reasonable defense to me. So just how does "journalistic research" explain Ward's online internet exchanges with a Stanislaus County woman where he told her, "...he was aroused when his daughter walked in the bathroom while he showered..."?

It ended in a dark place
? What in the world does that even mean? A crime is a crime is a crime.

As many know, Doron Weinberg (along with Dennis Riordan and Chris Plourd) is the lead attorney representing Phil Spector in his retrial for the murder of Lana Clarkson. Wow. From kiddie porn to murder, Weinberg appears to be the "go to" man. Bloggers and message board posters alike are anxiously awaiting the start of Spector 2. It remains to be seen if this new group of lawyers lives up to the Cirque du Soleil performance we observed from Spector's first legal team.

Somewhere in my head I can hear Judy Collins singing, "Send in the clowns - don't bother, they're here."


CaliGirl9 said...

I was worried I'd miss Linda Kinney Baden way too much.
Doesn't appear that is going to be the case. Kreckt?
Does anyone have any Plourdicil (TM) stashed for this trial? Or should we go right to the Plourdicycline (TM) or Plourdicillin (TM)?
Or will we all be driven to commit plourdicide?

Anonymous said...

Doron Weinberg is also representing San Mateo child psychiatrist, William Hamilton Ayres, charged with 20 counts of lewd acts on children under 14. The trial was scheduled for March 2008 [after preliminary hearing in August 2007] and has been posponed again till January 2009.

Motions to suppress -- motions to postpone ... Dr. WILLIAM HAMILTON AYRES is now 76 and is still out on a cash bond. Gee, who does this remind me of?!

I'm sure Defense attorney DORON WEINBERG firmly believes everyone is entitled to the best defense he can pay for.

Anonymous said...

I guess if a person like Weinberg picks the profession of being an attorney with a specialty like criminal defense, there are certain peculiarities in that person's perception of ethics and the law ---and the attorney's willingness to twist facts in order to "win". What a way to make a living. Or more to the point, what a way to make your life so you have to live with yourself when you know the person you're defending is guilty. ---- Am I naive in thinking there is something wrong with Weinberg? Is making a living worth all this? Couldn't he be a tax lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year the judge in the Dr. William Ayres case, Judge Runde recused himself from the trial because of his "antipathy" towards Doron Weinberg. In other words, he couldn't stomach him. Hope the new judge doesn't go the same way.

There's a good blog on the case of the notorious Dr. William Ayres:

Anonymous said...

The judge in the notorious Dr. William Ayres case, Judge Runde, recused himself because of "antipathy" towards Doron Weinberg last March.

Weinberg is gonna lose the Ayres case.
Link to "Judge in Ayres case Recuses Self"

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the news story about the judge in the Dr. Ayres case who recused himself because of the "antipathy" he felt towards Doron Weinberg.

"Judge in Ayres Case Recuses Self"