Thursday, August 28, 2008

Duncan victims, Shasta & Dylan Groene, Haut de la Garenne, and Caylee Anthony

What is Happening to Our Future And Our Vulnerable Children - Caylee? Groene? Haut de la Garenne?

Yesterday, a jury sentenced torturer and child killer Joseph Edward Duncan III to death and he smiled as the verdict was handed to the bailiff.

Although I have never been a proponent of the death penalty, it's hard to argue with the jury's decision in this case. This was a case that deeply affected me when the details of what these two precious children endured were revealed in the press.

During Duncan's federal trial, it was difficult for me to read the updates. With each new revelation of the terrifying torture and pain inflicted on Dylan and Shasta Groene, the tears would flow. Even thinking about the last hours of Dylan's life overwhelms me.

Now that this trial is over, it appears Duncan's next stop might be Riverside California, where he could stand trial for the murder of Anthony Martinez. If that does happen, I will try to attend some of that trial.

Since February of this year, Donchais has been covering another abuse and potential murder story, involving scores of children on Jersey in the Channel Islands. It goes back decades - it's the story of Haut de la Garenne and the wide-spread abuse scandal.

What makes this story even worse than Duncan's is the political corruption that continues to thwart the police investigation at every turn!

Donchais makes no bones about how abhorrent child abuse is to her - hence her continued coverage of Haut de la Garenne.

Details and reports show that the judicial and political sides in Jersey have obstructed and interfered in the investigation.

Now, we also know that a decomposing body was present in Casey Anthony’s car. Occam's Razor tells us the only logical answer to that evidence is that little Caylee is no longer alive. Investigation Discovery blog is now reporting that sources inside the investigation are confirming that preliminary DNA tests performed on the material found in the trunk prove Caylee Anthony is dead.

As a society, we need to own up! God bless these poor victims and God help us as mankind!

Special thanks to donchais for details on the Haut de la Garenne story. Sprocket. Caylee Anthony case blog


Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret's Blog


Anonymous said...

Great entry as always Sprocket and Donchais! Such sad, sad, cases here. I just don't understand how anyone could harm an innocent child and then interfere with the investigation (Haut de la Gareene), it's mind boggling. And you know my feelings on the Caylee Anthony case! I really wish the media would STOP flashing monster mommy Casey's face all over the place and just show little Caylee's precious face from now on. Do we really need to look at Casey's ugly mug anymore? It's the face of evil. Also, very happy about the Duncan sentence. He deserves death IMO.

ritanita said...

Sprocket, just reading this brings to mind a long line of innocent children who have been murdered or irreparably harmed by sick people who prey on their purity and innocence.

It breaks my heart and sends me to bed at night with prayers for all those little tortured souls.

Let those who are guilty suffer the consequences of their actions, here and in the hereafter.