Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Child's Sad Life and Casey Anthony, Queen of Lies


~Little Caylee

Guest Entry By Ritanita

I have to admit that I prefer watching and reporting on trials a lot more than following the case of a missing child. A trial has a beginning, middle, and an end. All the information is organized and presented to a jury to make the ultimate decision. A trial may contain upsetting information and terrible grief for the family of a victim. But with a missing child, there is the constant, gut-wrenching reality that a helpless one is somewhere out there. There is the realization that the outcome may be the sad realization that there is nobody to save the life of an innocent.

In the case of missing Caylee Anthony, there doesn’t seem to be a clear beginning. Casey Anthony originally reported that her little girl was kidnapped by Zanny the Nanny on June 9, 2008. Her parents said they hadn’t seen her since that same date, until the video taken on June 15th turned up. Suddenly, June 16 became the date Casey and Caylee apparently went AWOL from the family home.

As for the middle? Well, that’s where things get complicated. The PDF files released yesterday by the DA’s office show that Casey spent the night at Ricardo’s with her mother. Others reported seeing Caylee with her mother the 12th, 13th, 14th, perhaps. Who remembers every time you see a friend with her child? Who remembers the dates?

The police surely have spent many hours not only perusing the 400 plus pages of information now in the public domain, but phone logs, pings, documents we can’t even imagine exist at this point. They’ve put the dates down, noted inconsistencies, noted similarities. They have certainly noted Casey’s lies. And there are so many more lies presented in these documents than have been seen before. On top of the apparent lies, there are probably more lies within the lies. Only the Anthony family could possibly separate fact from fiction. At this point, however, one can only wonder if even they are capable of separating fact from fiction with their daughter under their roof, probably spinning yet more lies.

In the middle of this case, there remains one overwhelming question. What was Caylee’s life like outside of her beautiful little room at her grandparent’s house? There doesn’t seem to be any "Zanny the Nanny," and there aren’t any statements from those closest to Casey during the "middle" that they baby-sat the child. There are mentions of Caylee spending the night in bed with her Mother of the Year and her current boyfriend. She is reported visiting a tattoo parlor with her mother. She spends time with watching cartoons with mom’s boyfriend’s roommate while she and the boyfriend "hang out" in the "other room." Aside from these rather distasteful sightings and innocent walks with friends, there are so many gaps in Caylee sightings here that the grandparents couldn’t possibly fill.

Where was she? Take a good look at the picture. You see a beautiful little girl with the saddest eyes. What had those eyes seen? Where had she spent so many hours to make them so sad? What kind of life had her thoughtless mother given her?

At this point there is no end in sight. Do we believe bounty hunter Leonard Padilla that she was kidnapped? Do we believe the cadaver dogs that alerted on the back yard and the trunk of the car? Do we believe Jose Baez that his client is innocent of all the charges against her and those that well may follow? Or do we go back a read and re-read all 400 pages of documents and draw our own conclusions?

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donchais said...

This has to be one of the most frustrating and mind boggling stories!

Great entry as always, ritanita.

shari said...

Help......the link to "police documents" isn't working. I wasn't done trying to read them...

Sprocket said...

It appears that they've been taken off line. There may be another network source out there that has them.

It's my guess they were taken off line because of the private information (SS#'s, phone numbers, addresses) that were not adequately redacted before LE released them.

shari said...

Thanks....great job you guys. I got to finish what I was reading. This whole thing is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Great entry RitaNita. You and I have spent many late evenings discussing this tragic case and you know exactly where I stand on this. God Bless sweet little Caylee. As frustrating and horrible as this case is, I think she is safe now - with someone who will love and protect her always (Jesus).


Anonymous said...

casey her mathe are Queen,S of lies" caseys mather is in dinal thay car mor for casey then for caylee, open youer eyes cindy youer dther gat red of the baby to get back at you. gad bless you and opin youer eyes'