Thursday, August 7, 2008

CNN's So Called Live Streaming Coverage

Are you as disgusted and frustrated with the piss poor CNN live streaming coverage of court trials as T&T is? We've noticed that right at the top of the hour, live coverage of court proceedings suddenly gets yanked and replaced with "Top Headline's" news. Nine to ten minutes after the hour court coverage resumes. Regardless of what's occurring in court, it also appears that CNN often decides to end their coverage at 5 pm PT.

LinZbee says: OK, I HATE CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it me, or did they just cut the hearing off in mid testimony of a new witness? I am so frustrated and livid! I just emailed them but I don't expect them to listen...anyone else want to email them? Maybe they'll believe that people really WANT to watch this and not be so abruptly cut off! UGH!

Donchais says: CNN should be ashamed of themselves for their pitiful coverage. This is supposed to be a professional news organization.

SeniorMoments says: CNN's coverage of the Halverson Hearing in Las Vegas has both given and taken away. Without it, we would not be able to see live broadcasts of this bizarre event, yet with it, we are subjected to random cutaways and drops without any explanation or obvious reason for doing so! It's is now the top of the hour and true to form, CNN has dropped us without explanation or information about when or if they will return.

There's no one to date who does live streaming court coverage like Court TV used to. T&T is anxiously awaiting the launch of Michel Bryant's The Legal Edge. We believe The Legal Edge will be the place to go to get uninterrupted, live streaming courtroom coverage of the trials that we want to see.

CNN Live Streaming


Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about trials anymore that's why Court TV gave it up.

We will be luck to see 30% of O.J.'s or Spector's on TV or the Internet.

donchais said...

Sorry, that's just not true. MJB isn't starting The Legal Edge because "nobody cares about trials anymore"!

Anonymous said...

Hi all you can watch the trial live here>>>