Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Casey Anthony - Strike Two! Mom to Stay in Jail

~Casey Anthony

Guest entry by Ritanita

Well, it’s official. Casey Anthony isn’t going anywhere soon. Yesterday, the Appeals Court denied the latest bond motion to lower her bail. Meanwhile, Casey is not accepting visits from her family and apparently not calling out either.

Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said his client wants to talk with her family but is sacrificing for her daughter. "It's not something she wants," Anthony's attorney Jose Baez said. "She wants to see her family. She wants to talk to her family but she's willing to sacrifice that for Caylee." "I still think that to this day, the bond is excessive and tantamount to no bond at all," Baez said.

While waiting for test results, I’ve been watching the words spin and spin. It seems every time I turn around, there are more messages to unravel to get somewhere near to the truth of the matter.

With attorney Baez, I can totally understand his need to spin the information in defense of his client. That’s his job. However, members of Casey’s family have had to resort to verbal gymnastics to reconcile the fact that Caylee has been missing for nearly two months with their loyalty to Casey.

I can understand their need to make Casey appear in the best light while at the same time attempting to find Caylee. It’s a difficult position for them to maintain. However, at this point, they need to stop talking about the case to the media. It’s only muddying the waters of an already murky case.

According to WFTV: (Brother) Lee was asked if he thought his sister was being truthful. "To the best of her ability right now, I do," he said.

Translation: "My sister is a pathological liar and something in what she said may contain a nugget of truth. All I have to do is separate the lies from the truth.

Meanwhile, the grandmother of missing Caylee Anthony said she believes the missing girl may have made a call after she vanished -- which would be new information in the case. "I believe my mother also heard Caylee during that time," Cindy Anthony said. When Cindy Anthony was asked how Caylee would know her great-grandmother's phone number, she said the number was programmed into Casey Anthony's phone. A sheriff's department representative is checking to see if Cindy Anthony has ever mentioned the call before.

This is one of the most puzzling statements Cindy Anthony has made to the media. First of all, one has to assume that a two-year-old would know how to operate a cell phone. Secondly, how could the missing Caylee have Casey’s phone at the same time Casey had it? Oh, and if you’re thinking that perhaps Caylee had the phone that went missing? Sorry, not possible! Casey clearly stated she last remembered having it at Universal when she was supposedly hunting down her "friends" who knew about Casey’s disappearance.

To add to the confusion, grandmother Cindy Anthony is disputing the police’s contention that there was no phone call from the phantom nanny Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez at around noon on July, 15.

Cindy Anthony said she talked with detectives about a phone call that Casey Anthony said she received in which she heard Caylee in the background. According to a search warrant, detectives said phone records show that the phone call never occurred. "We discussed that with the deputies today. They're re-looking at the phone records because that's a misstatement," Cindy Anthony said.

According to Mark Fuhrman on Greta Van Susteren last night, the Anthony family only has Casey’s cell from records up to July 7 due to the fact that the phone was cut off from July 8 forward due to an overdue bill of $724. How in the world can the family know there is a "misstatement" of facts from the police when they don’t have records from the day the call was allegedly made? It’s certain that the police have the full records. I’d suggest that the Anthony’s pay the bill and get the records before they make accusations against the police!

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Sprocket said...

Thank you ritanita for the great update. You have to wonder where Casey learned to talk out of both sides of her mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Great job as always Ritanita! I was over at local6 dot com watching some of the old videos from the beginning. My Gawd does Cindy ramble on and on and on. After watching the old videos once again I am convinced that she knows more than what she's telling police. If you listen to her (if you can get through it lol) I hear A LOT of NERVOUS chatter, and that's what a lot of guily folks end up doing to try to cover! I'm not saying she had a hand in what happened to Caylee, but she KNOWS something about it. I'd bet on it.

Kitty M.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you've read this:


The police are saying that nothing is true unless it comes directly from them. Cindy is saying that their family is just as "trustworthy a source of information as the Sheriff's Office." Guh!