Friday, August 29, 2008

Jersey Abuse Scandal Just Keeps Getting More Scandalous

The Sharp Report!

I have long wanted to read this independent report that was authorized after the conviction of a child abuser who was a teacher at Victoria College. The Jersey school routinely ignored child abuse claims for years.

Jersey authorities said the report would be published despite the possible airing of dirty laundry!

I’m sure the authorities had a collective heart attack once the report was completed! The man they hired, Stephen Sharp, did an extremely thorough review of documents, police files and conducted numerous interviews. The Sharp Report is extremely candid and damning.

Authorities did an about-face and deemed the report not suitable for the public. They suddenly claimed they couldn’t release it because it identified victims – no, it does not! This wasn’t a little fib they told; it was a bold-faced lie!

The real reason for burying the report is the names that are mentioned – many former and current members of the government!

Many thanks to Stuart Syvret and Justice4Survivors for providing access to the report!

Billy - the clown - Baillhache

You all have probably figured out by now, I despise Attorney General William Bailhache - the clown who laid out the rules for the arrest of suspects in the abuse investigation.

The clown who appointed part-time UK lawyer, Simon Thomas, to whom police have to submit suspect files before they can make an arrest and only then would they be given permission to make said arrest.

The clown who has insured that nobody can be even taken in for questioning unless the he gives his approval.

The clown AG who has control over whether or not a case is even brought against suspects and if it passes muster, he then decides if it goes to trial.

Well, the clown is back to using The Rag to defend himself.

JEP Fri 22 Aug 08

AG: We are not slowing down inquiry
By Diane Simon

In response to recent claims that his department have been sitting for months on files submitted by the police for prosecution in this major inquiry, Attorney General William Bailhache said that of the six files which the police had put forward, three had led to prosecutions.

'Two of the others are still being considered and the other is the subject of further police investigation,' he said.

Mr. Bailhache is also assuring complainants of child abuse that their statements will be taken very seriously. Well, we've already seen that really isn't the case.

In an interview with the JEP, which is being published tomorrow, he said that he had been alarmed by claims that some of them believed Island authorities would prevent the police from carrying out the investigation.

‘I give them my absolute guarantee that their statements will be taken very seriously,’ he said.

Before a prosecution took place the lawyer considering the file must believe that there was enough evidence to lead to a court or jury, when properly directed, being more likely than not to convict, he said.

He said that the extent and skills of the team he had assembled for the job showed the seriousness with which he had taken the investigation.

The prosecution team he has put together includes Crown Advocates Stephen Baker and Robert MacRae.

Both of them are in private practice and have experience of criminal prosecutions when they were barristers in the United Kingdom.

He has also appointed two lawyers from leading criminal chambers in the city of London. ---

If everything is proper and above-board, why does Bailhache have to keep defending himself? Or, does he just really think people are stupid and don't see through his line of bull?

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