Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Casey Anthony’s Family – Ya Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Well, actually you can - it is after all – the Anthony family!

These items are just from the past few days:

When CSI removed the gas cans from the family home, George Anthony said Casey did not steal them.

Now, George Anthony admitted in a national interview that his daughter Casey was responsible for stealing gas cans!

"Threatening letters, threatening phone calls, threatening e-mails and we got an extortion letter yesterday that was forwarded to the police," Cindy said.

Orange County Sheriff's Office said investigators know nothing of an extortion letter or threats.

Yesterday, George Anthony was seen carting bags of stuffed animals to the curb. Lee Anthony said they were toys that had been donated to the family and none belonged to Caylee.

Lee said they considered donating them, but they were in poor condition.

So, people donated old, crappy stuff for Caylee?

George Anthony said that Casey had given her attorney a letter that may contain clues about Caylee's disappearance.

Casey Anthony's attorney said the talk about the letter is absurd. The letter doesn't exist and he never asked for one in the first place.

In speaking with Greta Van Susteren about the last time he saw Caylee, George said:

I was watching a favorite show I like to watch on TV, a news...

…it was a Food Channel thing I watched…

When I want up-to-the-minute news – I always flip on the Food Channel!

So, all of this is from just the past few days, but you get the point!




Sprocket said...

Casey's pathological need to lie was learned through "home schooling."

Those wal-nuts don't fall too far from the tree.

Anakerie said...

This case is one of the most bizarre missing person's cases I've ever seen. I really feel sorry for the investigators. They have to sort through everything that comes out of the Anthony family's mouths to get to the truth. After seeing some of the documented lies I have to wonder if any of that family knows what truth is!

One of the commenters on my blog came up with a good name for George and Cindy: Grandzillas!

shari said...

Latest is CSI is back at the house right now. I agree the family is prone to lieing haha however, is the best place to keep up with this case. The Anthonys are giving them exclusive access to their family.

Anonymous said...

The photos you won't see on the news: