Wednesday, September 26, 2007

10:2 In Favor of Conviction

Update 3!

NBC live streaming just reported that the vote was 10:2 in favor of conviction.

Update: 2:24 pm.
From the L.A. Times...
""We will try Phil Spector again," said Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley. Gibbons said her office was disappointed."
Court TV's Harriet Ryan's latest reporting is here.
Update 2:40 pm.
Via the NBC News-chopper 4, Spector and Trial Bride did a "bit of a dance" for the overhead cameras, waving. Rachelle, leaning up to her husbands side and her arms around him, gyrates her groin area into his hip. They are smiling and waving to the cameras, Spector waving the two finger "peace" sign.

Regarding the "humping" of her husband for the camera. The purchased Trial Bride never disappoints in continuing to behave in a most despicable manner. Cheap, white trash.

Update: 4:30 pm.
KNBC full after trial report

Court TV Harriet Ryan's blog update.


Seth said...

That makes sense, I am sure it wouldn't be the other way around. I wonder which 2 held out? The two morons who were fooled by the defense's screen play. It seemed pretty plain to me, PS did it.

Sprocket said...

We are all waiting to find out.

We won't be able to hear from the prosecution since all parties and witnesses are still under a gag order.

Seth said...

I am a little clueless about mistrial's. Will they retry? Will it be quickly? How does that work?

Lilly said...

I went to a Dallas trial that resulted in a mistrial, and was retried almost a year later and got a conviction and long time jail sentence.
They say retrials favor the prosecution. I don't know if that's so in California, but here it is.

Unknown said...

no doubt they will get him next time. the stats are 87% in favor of conviction. the foreman and juror #5 were the holdouts..were they sleeping with phil during the trial?

Sprocket said...

My own personal opinion is, it was NOT #5 who was one of the holdouts.

I think dini has the inside track on the correct opinion as to the two holdouts. She should be putting an entry up shortly on the blog.

At this point, it is all a guess as to who the two jurors were. But dini has great instincts, and she's seldom wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward at this point. I'm thinking about the "do-over" trial.

The prosecution can butress up Lana's emotional and physical condition just prior to her death. They can put Dr. Andrews on in their case in chief along with all their other forensic specialists.

The defense??? How can they re-use Drs. Spitz, DiMaio, and Baden after their abysmal performances on the stand? Punkin Pie and her "memory" have been severly compromised by Ms. P's clear perjury on the stand. Dr. Lee? Sara Caplan? No help at all here.

Next trial should be short and sweet.