Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Lighter Side: Part III

Thanks to Court TV poster bchand, we have some more funnies while we wait for a verdict.

The defense team continues to shrink. Linda Kenney Baden has flown the pigeon coop and Plourd has probably already disembarked from the ferry down at the San Diego pier.

There's been little word from the jury. All we know is that the forman was picked the first day of deliberations (#10: no surprise there) and they asked to see the murder weapon.

On the second day, juror #6, who Judge Fidler at one time said had a "large personality" brought in a large over sided tablet to use in the jury room.

Day three on jury watch had one juror outside the jury room before deliberations started, asking the clerk a question with a paper in his hand. She ushered him back inside. We are right at the close of the lunch break, and many are on pins and needles hoping for a verdict this very afternoon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the videos!

Phil and his girls

Island Getaway

Thank you bchand!