Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Deadlock?

It certainly looks like it's a repeat of last week. Manila folder to the Judge, and then the clerk, Wendy's announcement that "We will be having a session at 1:30 pm."

Could it just be that the jurors have a question? This is unlikely since jury instructions specifically state that they are to continue deliberations while the court makes arrangements to answer their question.

If it's deadlocked (again) , will the Judge speak to the juror's individually to find out what the problem is, will he charge them to continue their deliberations, or will he accept a hung jury at this point? Meanwhile, we all wait for 1:30 pm, PT.


Seth said...

I really hope they have a guilty verdict.

Seth said...

omg, NO! Not a mistrial. How can those jurors be so stupid?