Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Which Video Tape Did The Jurors Watch?

According to this article on MsNBC, there is another video (besides Adriano DeSouza's police interview) that the jurors could be watching. This is a video of Adriano in the back of the castle near the fountain, pointing out various things to detectives.

Because there were several days in June that I missed, I don't remember when this video was entered into evidence (if it ever was), or through which witness. I just don't recall this video at all being presented at trial.

If this video is in evidence and the jurors are watching it, then everyone needs to read this entry at mControl Blogs, and judge for yourself if the fountain at the castle only has one flow setting or not.

Personally, I would put more factual weight into Harriet Ryan's reporting on the Court TV blog, than I would a report out of the Associated Press with no byline.

Update: 9:10 am.
I stand corrected. Thank you Lynn Gweeny, for finding verification that this video was entered into evidence, and it was described in a Harriet Ryan blog article as a "sheriff's department video tape filmed at Spector's estate."