Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm Speaking to Juror #9!

Updated 2!
He emailed me at my blog.

The Not Guilty votes were #1 & #10!

More later! He is so funny and he has a lot to say!

Updated 9:01 pm.
Scoop! First interview with juror #9 happened here people!

Juror #9 found out about my blog from a friend of his who emailed the url to him, and told him that he needed to look at this blog. Juror #9 emailed me at my blog telling me that I got it wrong. Juror #3 was NOT the not guilty vote; it was Juror #1. He also included his phone number and told me to call him.

I called him immediately. He will be doing an interview with Beth Karas tomorrow, and I think he's going to be on "The Early Show," tomorrow too; not positive about the specific show. He has a lot to say and he's going to let it all out. He will verify on those shows that what I am now writing is true.

All the arguments that the Court TV posters went through on the board, this jury went through those same arguments in the jury room.

The jurors did not believe that Lana was still alive/breathing after she was shot. They were not impressed with ANY of the defense experts.

Juror #10 felt that Dr. Pena could not put the gun in Lana's hand, and that was a big hurdle for him. He also felt that it was perfectly reasonable to think that Lana, who had never been to Spector's house before, would open a drawer, find the gun, pull it out and shoot herself. He had friends who commited suicide without any warning or any diagnosis. Juror #10 thought that scenario was perfectly reasonable because his mother-in-law does the same thing at his house. Comes over, opens drawers and pulls things out. I kid you not. Juror #10 thought that since Desouza was an illegal alien, nothing he said could be trusted.

Juror #1 tried to demean Lana, and Juror's #9 and #6 were determined to not let that happen. It appears there was some type of judgment on Lana making the decision to go home with Phil Spector for a drink at 2:30 am. Sad.

Some of the discussion centered around the DNA that was on Spector's scrotum. Some jurors actually thought that Lana had given Spector oral sex. Yep. Just from that miniscule DNA that was found, not on his penis, but on his scrotum! Unbelieveable! Juror #9 was not one of those jurors. He clearly indicated that he believed there was no evidence of this.

Some of the arguments for Lana committing suicide were: She had just had oral sex with Spector, and realizing that she had just had sex with this creepy old shriveled up man, got so despondent she decided to kill herself. (I just told that to Mr. Sprocket and he rolled his eyes and laughed!) Yes. That was one of the arguments for Not Guilty.

Another argument/excuse for Spector not calling 911 was the perception that Spector thought of himself as a "King," so of course he wouldn't call 911; someone else would do that. After informing the DeSouza that someone was dead, Spector expected DeSouza to call. To some of these jurors, that was a perfectly reasonable scenario.

It was amazing to get to talk to Juror #9. He's very friendly and funny. He's passionate about his position and feels that Lana's family deserves justice. It appeared to me that he was frustrated that he spent five months on this trial, and this was the end result. Oh, and all that time we thought Juror #9 and #8 were friends? Not so.

Juror #9 cleared up what many believe was a huge misunderstanding by DeSouza's testimony, and Juror #6 (I think I got that right), agreed. People who are not native speakers, when they hear a foreign language, they parrot it. Repeat what they hear verbatim. That's how they learn the language to begin with. The Juror's who were Guilty, felt that when DeSouza was talking about his English not being good, they felt he meant that DeSouza was not being understood by the officers or the 911 operators. Not that DeSouza didn't understand, because Juror #9 said it was clear DeSouza didn't have any problem understanding English, or understanding what he heard. It was that DeSouza was frustrated that "he" was not getting his message across clearly; that the officers were not understanding HIM.

I wish I had taken notes while we talked, but I was just so excited to be talking to him, the opportunity to hear what he had to say, that I paced the house the entire time. You are really going to enjoy hearing from him. He's a down to earth person, and very grounded in logic and reason. I got a good feeling talking to him. I can't wait to see his interviews tomorrow.

Almost forgot this. Beth Karas was his touchstone. He always looked for her in the afternoon. Since many did not know her name, their nickname for her was "two scoops," like ice cream, because she always wore pastel colors. He thought that since I was always watching the jury, he thought that I was a jury consultant!

Update: 11:00 pm.
Juror #9 said the yelling anyone heard would have been him.


LinZbee said...

Oh MY, Sprocket! I just knew he'd be like one of us after I heard his comments after the procedings ended. Can't wait to hear more...

peej said...

Sprocket pls let number 9 know how much we posters from CTV admire his conviction and enjoyed seeing him on the teleconference. thanks.

Unknown said...

I think it is so interesting that #1 was the other NG. She is the one that RRosen was always complaining about for not looking at the more gruesome photos! Isn't he lucky that he couldn't get her thrown out?

Justice will come for Lana.


Unknown said...

I am so excited that you got to speak with him and so looking forward to hearing more from this articulate, intelligent man.
I do feel bad though for the rude comments made about juror #3. Guess that 'homely plain jane' actually voted guilty. I sure hope she hasn't read the hurtful comments posted about her.
Juror 10 is obviously a wack job who has a need to be in charge. What was with his 'I'm not finished' comment. OMFG I can't believe it. Hello, your mother in law being nosy has nothing to do with Lana Clarkson.
And wanting to die after sexual contact with Phil Spector, well, that's the only reasonable thing those idiots came up with!

Unknown said...

I can't stop posting! I'm re-watching the comments by the three jurors and I am so shocked to see how uncomfortable juror #10 is. Its not just uncomfortable...he is unable to explain his position and he seems to be ashamed of it. You can read it all over his face. It looks like more than just awkwardness because it is obvious the members of the press think the 2 holdouts are morons. Something isn't right. It looks like (just in my opinion) like he is not at peace with his decision. Wonder if the nut is already questioning his silly position. If I lived in little Phil's neighborhood I wouldn't want him running free, able to shoot whenever the urge hit him. Very bizarre.

lane99 said...

Juror 10 said he didn't trust anything Adriano said because he was an "illegal alien"? Are we sure that's true? That sounds like something that would only come from one of the Nutty Groupies on the CTV message board. If that's really true it's astonishing to me.

Unknown said...

I was not able to sleep last night with so much going through my head. Juror #9 is a real hero! I have a question for him. How was it that #10 was chosen as foreman? Was there ever an attempt to "over throw" him? It must have been difficult to have to go up against him. It is so very interesting that #10 tried to go for mistrial last week. What was it like in the jury room when other jurors disagreed with him in open court? That was so brave of them to do!
I have a bazillion questions, will be looking the interviews. Please, those in CA, please record your local news for those of us who don't get much coverage of the trial. I am in FL and not much is said about it here. We have OJ to keep up with!
Take care Sprocket! Thanks for the great blog!