Friday, September 28, 2007

Photos From LA Weekly Photographer

Ted Soqui, photographer for the LA Weekly took these pre- and post-hung jury photos at the Spector trial. Dig down through the pages for more trial photos. There's more than what's up on the first page.



Unknown said...

Hey Betsy:
Did you see Babydoll Gibson on Lineup (fox) last night? Says Fidler was polictically motivated in keeping her out because when she was sentenced JF was the judge who insisted on 3 year. Then, went on to espout her "theory" of what happened and why Defense wanted her (regarding many conversations with Lana regarding guns), which Kimberly really never let her explain. However, she rambled on as to the theory being that Lana and PS had sexual something and then Lana asked him for a loan and then he became angered left room and she rumaged through the drawer looking for whatever and came upon the gun. That she thought an accident due to Lanas crazed frame of mind at that time and then the gun went off. Give me a break.