Sunday, September 16, 2007

Check it out! Two new "Places To Go"

I'd like to point out two web sites for you to consider dropping by. Orbiter Dictum is written by Suzi who has a great eye for visual expression and describes her blog as "served on the rocks with a twist of wit." I agree; great description Suzi.

Last but not least, here is a real treat of a blog that you ABSOLUTELY must read. Although relatively new, it's packed with lots of behind the scenes insider information. The blog is called mCONTROL BLOGS and once you read, you will NOT be disappointed!

And, I'm reposting this so nobody misses it. bchand's latest laughs starring the forensic experts.


Susan said...

Thanks for the shout out Sprocket. I had to change the URL to my blog, Obiter Dicta due to an internet bully problem. Hope you don't mind I included you in my blog roll. I'm hoping for a Monday verdict. This verdict watch reminds me of my last pregnancy. Stubborn girl - she was almost 3 weeks overdue. Thought I would go out of my mind!

Here's the correct link to my blog

Sprocket said...

I updated it with the correct link.

You have some great images on your site. I really like it.

mControl said...

Hey Sproket... well done, well said and thanks for the 'hollah'! I love this whole blog thing, almost as much fun as writing in general but with looser restrictions. As always you are the BlogPrincess!