Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Short Family Drama Continues

Update 2!
Now, Rachelle Short's little sister has emailed me requesting I take down my blog entries regarding what she and her husband posted on an Internet message board. Here is the title of the email I received just a little while ago:

Time to stop! No Spector/Eisner Feud!

People don't always make wise decisions. Sometimes they should think before they act otherwise it's like watching a train wreck in progress. Using the Internet to air your family problems is just like making the decision to go on Jerry Springer. It's out there for all the world to see, and for Google® to capture in it's catche forever.

Update: 1:36 pm.
It's just been confirmed to me that Rachelle was a waitress at Jerry's Deli when Phil met her. I bet that's where Phil really met her. While she was working, and not the story she told to Jami Floyd. Maybe Phil just has a thing for waitresses.

In other news, I finally looked at my totals from the time I installed a stat counter (June 1st). These would be accumulative totals, and not "daily" totals.

Total Page Loads, (as of this afternoon) 74,686; Unique Visitors, 53,040; Returning Visitors, 29,308. Thank you very much everyone for stopping by.

Update: 8:00 pm.
Some poor little whiney anonymous voice is continually trying to leave a comment on the blog, complaining that I've taken information off the Internet without permission and that I could be sued. I'm rolling on the floor laughing, trying to contain myself as I write this. Once you put something out there on a public message board, good luck in trying to find an attorney that is willing to listen to your complaint, or try to file a law suit on your behalf. Well, maybe you will find one that will take your $$$ to listen to you, but they can't do anything. Especially when the web site where the information originally was written has removed the content themselves. Consequently, they removed themselves from having any association with the material. Ah, the beauty of Google® catche. Google® catche is my friend.


in4infor said...

I am glad to be one of those numbers.

No matter what anyone thinks or says, we are here because we like what you have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for treating us to the Short family's contributions to the Internet during the tense wait for the jury's verdict. Congrats on your well-deserved popularity with both sides of the Spector case! :-)

Sprocket said...

Thank you! Seems like the Short girls just can't stay away from the blog!

mControl said...

Hiya Sproket-

Thanks for clarifying... I am married to my 3rd (and last- seems to be the charm!) husband (2 divorces and one death later, welcome to hollywood) and we are having (not already had) my 7th child! She isn't due until December... Other than that, as I am sure Dominick also revealed, the bits about RS and Jerry's deli are entirely true....

You rock, and I will be getting those blankies going sometime soon.... ;-) Michelle

donchais said...

ah sprocket, besides the wonderful really do tickle me. Say hey to chelle for me. lol

Anonymous said...

Rachelle....since you're reading the blog during your spare time, please let us all know how much $$$ your hubby promised Ms. Punkin Pie to testify. I see on myspace how very close Team Spector is to her boss brothers. To me that is just plain poor judgement in making that association so plainly obvious on the web. (Of course the prosecution insinuated the closeknit arrangement, but now I see for myself that it is true.)