Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Second Conversation with Juror #9

I stayed up past midnight talking to Juror #9 for a second time, but I am way too tired to write out all that we talked about. He was virtually a lone voice of reason in that jury room, against all that garbage that stuck to some of the jurors. It wasn't always 10-2, and some of the other jurors for a time, bought the Antarctica "beach front" property that the defense was trying to sell everybody. Juror #10 was totally unreasonable from the get go. Juror #10 did NOT want to take a vote on the first day to see where they stood. He wanted to go over all the evidence first. And, in discussing DeSouza's testimony, he kept misstating the evidence regarding what DeSouza said. (Imho, he must have been bogartin' the crack pipe, to continually get it wrong.)

One of the Jurors thought that Lana was bitter and depressed because of a failed relationship. One Juror, actually bought Pie's stories about the things Lana said. Several Jurors, did not change their vote until the very last vote taken.

Juror #9 has been wanting to talk about this and what happened in the jury room and talking is very much a catharsis, and I can totally understand that. He is relieved to hear that there are people out there, who think like he thinks, and came to the conclusions he came to. I've pointed him in the direction of the Court TV message board, Court TV Extra, as well as Kim and Michelle's blogs.

Funny thing, Juror #9 felt the same way as many of you who posted on the "Fashion" threads. LKB's hair and wardrobe were terrible! He couldn't believe she wore clothes that didn't fit! Ya gotta love this guy everybody! Really!

This is such a sad day for Lana's family. I can't help but think, if only something could have been done....

P.S. I had my highest numbers to date on Wednesday. 4,946 page loads in a single day. 3,206 unique visitors. And another: 100,343 page loads to date.


Unknown said...

*Squeals* Sprocket, I am so glad you were able to speak with him and SO disturbed to hear his comments re: the other jurors. Last night I was running over it in my mind and I thought 'omfg, at one point it was 4 G 5 undecided and 3 NG,' that is terrible! I cannot believe people bought it. I hope that Mr.Jackson and Dixon spend a great deal of time talking to this man to get an understanding of what went wrong. It troubles me to know people expect every piece of the puzzle handed to them--you're supposed to THINK.
And juror #10 not wanting to take a vote; he's a disgrace. I'm not surprised to hear that he couldn't get ADS' statements straight--sounds like he was jumping through mental hoops trying to figure out any way to get his neighbor off the hook. I feel that someone should have asked JF about this--not placing blame here--but if someone doesn't understand important testimony and is basing their decision in part on their faulty memory of what was sad.
Thank you juror #9! I appreciate that you spoke your mind, defended Lana, took your responsibility seriously, and that you are speaking out now and outing the holdouts. I can't wait until I know your name!!!

Trekster said...

Could you please post an email address for the DA's office or A. Jackson in particular?

Unknown said...

back when they used to flunk people out of law school, about half of flunk-outs were engineering majors. go figure.

peej said...

YES! Bring on Dexter lol